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12 February 2021

Dear Woodleigh families,

As announced today by the Victorian Premier, Victorian schools will shut down for the next three school days as Victoria goes into a brief lockdown. As such, Woodleigh School will revert to the Continuous Learning Plan as implemented in Term 4, 2020.

Classes at both Junior Campuses and the Senior Campus will be taught remotely for these three days. These arrangements will be for three days only. Should the lockdown continue, our teaching and learning plan will be modified, with changes communicated towards the end of next week.

Senior Campus


For Monday only, classes will run at a slightly different timetable as per below. Monday's classes will commence at 10.25am (morning meeting and lesson 1 will not run on Monday):

Lesson 2: 10:25 – 11:30
Lesson 3: 11:30 – 12:35
Lunch: 12:35 – 1:35 
Lesson 4: 1:35 – 2:40 (Lesson 1 Program)
Lesson 5: 2:40 - 3:45

Tuesday and Wednesday: 

Senior Campus students will have a normal timetable and experience partially synchronous lessons each day. Students will be expected to zoom in for each lesson at the designated time and will have approximately 40 minutes with their teacher before continuing with work set asynchronously. Activities sessions will not be running during this time, and students are expected to catch up on asynchronous work.

Junior Campuses

Rod and Vivienne will be contacting families over the weekend to provide Zoom meeting times for specific year levels. In these meetings, teachers will provide further information about the teaching schedules for this brief lockdown period.

Early Learning Centres at both Junior Campuses

The Early Learning Centres at both Minimbah and Penbank campus will be open as normal with appropriate COVID safe protocols in place.

Students of Essential Workers and Vulnerable Students

As with the previous lockdown, any students of essential workers or vulnerable students will be supervised at school whilst undertaking the Continuous Learning Program. As announced today, masks will be required to be worn at all times for anyone over the age of 12. If you are an essential worker and require onsite supervision for your child(ren), please email your relevant campus head.

Please note: as the school is closed there will be no canteen or bus service during these three days.


Given this brief lockdown, we will be cancelling all excursions planned for next week (Monday-Friday). No excursions or offsite activities will be taking place next week. Further information regarding upcoming camps and events will be communicated in due course.


Homestead Night at Senior Campus will be cancelled.

Instrumental Music Lessons 

Please keep an eye on emails – details will come on this in the coming days.

Students have been informed of these arrangements before leaving school today and have been asked to bring home any resources required in preparation for this three-day lockdown.

More detailed information will be provided on our website, from Sunday, and this will be updated daily during the three day period. There will also be further communications from relevant Heads of Campus regarding more specific information.

Once again, I thank you all for your support as we adapt to these rapidly changing circumstances. We ask for your patience and support as we implement these arrangements. Take care.

Stay safe, stay connected,


30 September 2020

Term 4 Arrangements

Dear Woodleigh families, 

I hope you are enjoying a break from zoom and other forms of online work. I have attached below a proposal regarding the return to School for our students in Term 4. With the recent good news regarding Junior students and the current low numbers of new infections in Melbourne, I am hoping that we may be able to bring back Year 7-10 students sooner than currently planned.  

  • Week 1 (5 October)
    ECC students return to normal sessions (Tuesday 6 October)
    VCE students to attend school for essential assessments and the General Achievement Test (GAT)
    All other students continue with Term 3 learning arrangements
  • Week 2 (12 October)
    F-6 and VCE students to return to on-site learning
    Year 7-10 students to move to a transition timetable as outlined below 

  • Week 3 (19 October)
    No change from Week 2          

  • Week 4 (26 October)
    All students return to onsite learning

Continuous Learning Plan – Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Continuous Learning Plan is focused on the staged return of students to learning on campus. The school’s movement into this phase is informed by government advice, health and safety guidelines, student learning and community needs, external research and internal evidence of how we can best support families. Details regarding our updated COVID plan and safety protocols will be provided to parents via email next week. We ask parents to read these carefully, with their children, to ensure we can maintain a safe working environment for the remainder of this year. 

Senior Campus 

The staged return to school during Weeks 2 and 3 presents a most challenging time for the school, as we need to simultaneously cater to the learning needs of students on-site and at home. Our experience with running two separate timetables earlier in the year has helped to inform our approach for Term 4, with a new, transitional timetable to be put in place this time around. For students in Year 7 - 10, our lesson times will replicate our normal on-site timetable with 65 minute blocks (each block will consist of up to 45 minutes of face to face teaching followed by 20 minutes of non-screen time), with classes scheduled across the course of the day. This is a transitional model that enables the timetables for home and school to be synchronised, with benefits flowing on for our students and teachers due to the reduction in clashes. While this arrangement does not reflect our preferred model for remote learning, we have needed to develop a workable solution that fits with government regulations. As a note, we will be running normal 65-minute periods for our VCE students on campus during Week 2 and 3.

Website Update

The school’s Continuous Learning website will be updated on Thursday 8 October. We encourage all families to visit the site to review the detail for these changes on this day.

Cup Week Arrangements

I am currently concerned that our Year7-10 students return to school in Week 4 and the week following includes three student free days (cup week). This is due to the mid-term break, (Monday 2 November), public holiday (Tuesday 3 November) and Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews (Friday 6 November). Our Junior students have a planned student free day on Friday 6 November.

All staff and students will have had a public holiday on Friday 23 October (Grand Final Day). This holiday normally exists within the term break.

At this stage, our number one priority is to maximise the number of days our students have onsite and I would like to move our Senior Campus Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews day and our Junior Campus correction day to Monday 2 November. This decreases our student free days from three to two during that week. This arrangement would not be a precedent, simply a one-off change to our normal cup-weekend arrangements. 

I am sure that there will be many changes and alterations to our operations during Term 4 and I am expecting a busy, yet very engaging term, therefore, take this time to fill the tank and prepare for a busy run towards the end of the year.

Stay safe, stay connected,


3 August 2020

Dear Woodleigh families,

Further Details Regarding Stage 4 Operations

As a follow up to our correspondence yesterday, I can now provide further details.

Our plan for the remainder of this week is as follows:

Tuesday 4 August

Tuesday will be a student free day for all Senior Campus students. All staff are preparing for their move to remote learning. ECC students will also have a student free day. Students from Foundation to Year 6 at our Junior Campuses will continue learning from home as normal. This will be the final opportunity for any Senior Campus students to collect any books or materials they will need for remote learning. Please ensure you report to reception upon arrival.

Wednesday 5 August

Wednesday will see all students from Foundation to Year 12 move to remote learning, while ECC students will have a normal day before returning to remote learning from Thursday.

We are currently updating our Continuous Learning website to reflect the changes to our programs and approach during this phase. The updated site will be made available on Tuesday evening. I encourage Parents to visit the site to ensure they are informed about the weekly schedule for their child, as well as the guidance for how we can best work together to support the learning, engagement and wellbeing of our students during this time.

Restrictions on the Provision of Onsite Learning

We will continue to be able to cater for a small number of students on site, providing they meet the following strict criteria.

The criteria for students that can attend school onsite has changed. It is now as follows:

  • Children whose parents work in one of the defined essential continuing industries. 
  • Vulnerable children including: 
    • Children in out-of-home care. 
    • Children deemed by Child Protection and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm. 
    • Children identified by the school as vulnerable (including via referral from a family violence agency, homelessness or youth justice service or mental health or other health services). 
  • Children with a disability who also fit one of the above two categories, or where the family is experiencing severe stress. 

If you feel that your child meets one of the criteria above, please contact your Head of Campus to confirm your eligibilty. We will also be contacting the families of children we believe qualify as vulnerable and offer them the opportunity to attend School. Please be patient with your requests as we are required to keep our numbers of students onsite to a bare minimum. Children who do attend School will be supervised by non-teaching staff and will be asked to complete work from the Continuous Learning Program. 

From Wednesday, all campuses will be operating with a skeleton staff. Reception will be open at each Campus, and a senior member of staff will also be onsite. All other staff can be contacted by email. There will continue to be limited IT support available at the Senior Campus. Please phone Senior Campus Reception for assistance. All campuses will now close at 5pm each day. 

Continuing to Connect

Let me reiterate how devastated I am to be returning to a remote learning and lockdown situation. I know this will impact on every single Woodleigh family, and I want to reassure you that we will continue to look for opportunities to keep connected. As a staff, we are determined to find ways to continue supporting our students and families to the best of our collective abilities, for the next six weeks and beyond.

Stay safe, stay connected,


2 August 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

An Unwelcome Change 

Much like you, I had hoped we wouldn't need to change our plans again this term; however, despite our strongest wishes, here we are. 

At this point, my heart goes out to the Woodleigh families who I know will find the next six weeks challenging, and also to our students who continue to find learning at home a poor facsimile of their experience at School. To our VCE students, I share in your frustration at the continued disruption and disappointment you're experiencing during your final years of schooling. We are working hard to develop ways to support you better through the coming six-week period, and further advice will be provided in coming weeks.

Hopefully, as Daniel Andrews said today, if all Victorians treat this Stage 4 lockdown seriously, and work together to follow the rules, hopefully, we will have the virus under control within six weeks and be able to return to a more normal lifestyle in Term 4.

At the Premier's press conference today, he announced that all students from Early Childhood to Year 12 will return to a learn-from-home situation from Wednesday 5 August. The only students that will be permitted to attend School are those whose parents are essential workers, or those considered vulnerable. 

For schools in metropolitan Melbourne, it means students in Year 11 and 12 will return to studying from home from Wednesday.

Metropolitan schools will continue to provide onsite supervision for vulnerable children and the children of essential service workers. However, the categories of those workers deemed essential are to be tightened. Details of the industries and occupations allowed under the new rules will be announced tomorrow.

Restrictions are also going to be imposed on attendance at early childhood services. From Thursday, only 'very vulnerable' children and the children of workers in tightly defined industries will be able to attend these services. 

The Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino also made specific comments about Year 12 students. He said there was no change in plans for Term 4 – Year 12 students will finish their VCE exams by Wednesday 2 December and will receive ATAR scores by the end of the year.

Our Plans at Woodleigh


Tomorrow is a 'normal' day. Students from Foundation to Year 10 will learn at home, and ECC and VCE students will be onsite. Students who have been attending School can attend on this day.


Tuesday is a student-free day for all Early Childhood and Secondary Students, as directed by the Victorian Government. Students from Foundation to Year 6 will continue to learn at home with their current arrangements.


Students from Foundation to Year 10 will continue to learn from home with their current timetable. At this stage our Year 12 students will return to the Term 2 timetable, however, this may be modified before Wednesday. This has proven to be the most sustainable and effective manner in which students and teachers can operate at home; however, it does require our students to make good decisions regarding how they use their time when working independently. As I mentioned earlier in this letter, we are continuing to work to create more personalised learning opportunities for our VCE students as Term 3 continues.

We have tried to be as accommodating as possible about having students study onsite this term; however, from Wednesday, these numbers will be severely restricted. Woodleigh campuses will be operating with a skeleton staff comprised of grounds and essential operational staff only. No teachers will be on campus, and all buses will cease to run from Tuesday. The maximum number of students permitted to be onsite during the coming six week period will be limited by the advice given by the State Government, and I ask that parents please support the new rules to the best of their ability. 

Feedback and Further Detail 

As we progress through the next six weeks, we will be seeking regular feedback regarding Woodleigh's CLP model and will work to change and adapt it as needed. Surveys will be sent out throughout the term, and I ask that you contribute to the continual improvement of our teaching and learning programs by contributing a response.

We will communicate further details as more information becomes available in the coming days. In particular, I will be communicating instructions for those parents who meet the government's new 'essential worker' requirements. 

The next six weeks present a massive challenge for us all, but as this period has undoubtedly shown, we are stronger together. So please, stay safe and stay connected.


19 July 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

Masks Mandated in Melbourne

As most of you will already be aware, the Victorian Government today announced that the wearing of face masks or coverings will soon be compulsory for all residents in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire. The new rule will come into place from 11:59pm on Wednesday. The government have stated that teachers will not need to wear masks while teaching, nor is it a requirement for children under 12.

Masks at Woodleigh

At Woodleigh, face masks will not be required in our Early Childhood Centres, or, for those students of essential workers who attend our Junior Campuses. Masks will be mandatory for all staff, and Senior Campus students – outside of the exemptions listed above. As mentioned in Daniel Andrews' press conference this morning, a $200 fine will apply to people who are not wearing a face covering in public.

The link below to the DHHS website also contains a mask sewing pattern for families who wish to make their own fabric masks. The pattern is relatively easy and will give you a mask that you can wash and re-use each day. A far more environmentally responsible option, in keeping with our school values.

Government Advice

The mandatory wearing of face masks will be in place from 11:59pm on Wednesday 22 July until 11:59pm on Wednesday 19 August 2020.

The Victorian Chief Health Officer has advised that, if you live in Metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire, you must wear a face mask or face covering when leaving home for one of the four essential reasons. Fines of $200 apply from Wednesday 22 July 2020.

Reasons to not wear a face covering will include

  • medical reasons
  • kids under 12
  • professional reasons, for example, teachers
  • if it's not practical, for example, when running

In these circumstances, you will still need to carry a face covering at all times to wear when you can.

For more information on face masks, visit the Department of Health and Human Services

Source: Victorian Government website

Keeping Contact

It seems that each week brings us a new challenge to contend with, and I thank all Woodleigh families for your continued support and flexibility as we respond to this ever-changing Coronavirus threat. Please contact your Campus Head or me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this new announcement.

Stay safe, stay connected,

David Baker

12 July 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

As I write, we are yet to hear from the Victorian Government regarding their final directives for schools in Term 3. As such, we have moved ahead with our planning to provide a degree of certainty for families and staff regarding the next few weeks of schooling at Woodleigh. This is a lengthy letter, but there are many essential points that I need to communicate, and I ask that you share the relevant details with your children in the coming days. Our plans for the beginning of Term 3 are:

  • VCE students and Year 10 students completing a VCE study will return to face to face learning at the Senior Campus on Tuesday 14 July. We aim to maintain this arrangement for the remainder of Term 3. Year 10 students may choose to continue to work at School or return home after their VCE classes. Supervision will be provided for students who remain at School.
  • ECC classes at Minimbah and Penbank will return to face to face learning on Tuesday 14 July. They will keep to the same arrangements as Term 2, maintaining their regular hours and days.
  • Students from Foundation/Prep to Year 10 will return to remote learning from home, with CLP classes beginning on Thursday 16 July.
  • A limited number of places are available at each campus for vulnerable students and the children of essential workers. Please contact each campus directly to reserve a place at School. F-10 students who attend School on Tuesday and Wednesday next week will be involved in general activities until the Continuous Learning Program begins on Thursday.

We will review these arrangements weekly, and endeavour to bring all students back to regular face to face classes as soon as Government advice allows. 

Enhanced Safety Protocols

The increase in COVID-19 cases within the Melbourne Metropolitan area has led us to introduce enhanced protocols for staff, students and parents who come onto campus. As a result, from Tuesday:

  • All staff, students and others who come onto Senior Campus will have their temperature checked upon arrival. Students and staff must report to the front of the Hall upon arrival each morning for this check. 
  • Staff and students will be asked questions about their health and have their temperature taken with an infrared thermometer. If someone records a temperature at or above 37.5 degrees, they will be checked on two more occasions. Should they continue to record high temperatures, we will organise for them to return home ASAP. These procedures have been mandated by the Victorian Government. 
  • ECC students and the Junior Campus Essential Workers' Group, will have their temperature checked and recorded according to the protocols developed in Term 2.
  • During the initial weeks of Term 3, we will be taking measures to reduce congestion as much as possible and encourage social distancing on campus. All Senior Campus classrooms have been reconfigured to provide more space between students and between students and teachers. 
  • During these first weeks, classes will be spread across the Senior Campus to create more space and reduce congestion as students move between periods. 
  • We will insist that students maintain physical distance during breaks. This includes sporting activities (kick to kick, downball, etc.) and avoiding congregating closely in groups.
  • There will be no cooking facilities available at School. Students will be required to bring a packed lunch and reusable water bottle to School each day. Students will be able to refill their water bottles during the day.
  • All sporting facilities will be closed for the first week. This includes the Gym and Multi-Court facilities.
  • All buses, including the Minimbah Campus Shuttle, will run as usual for the first week. We will refine these arrangements in week two, with services continuing depending on demand.
  • Senior Campus pickup times will be staggered to reduce congestion. The new times are as follows: 
    • Students who are picked up by car will leave at 3.35pm.
    • Students who travel by bus will leave at 3.45pm. 
    • Students who self-drive will leave at 3.45pm.
  • Staff and students are encouraged to wear masks if they have access to them. We are unable to provide masks for staff and students. All staff recording temperatures each morning will be wearing gloves and masks.
  • All external classroom doors will remain open during the day. Students will need to wear warm clothing in anticipation of cooler conditions.
  • SIS Sports and the Camps Program are postponed until further notice.

We expect that all students who return to School will take responsibility for these safety and hygiene measures and ensure that they are adhering to the protocols developed by the School. 

A Return to Remote Learning

The return to Phase Three of our Continuous Learning Plan focuses on the staged or partial return of students to learning on campus. The start of Term 3 will see ECC and VCE students engaging in face to face teaching on campus, with students from Foundation to Year 10 returning to remote learning. As mentioned earlier, we will continue to offer on-campus support for the children of essential workers and vulnerable students during this time. Any changes to this model will be informed by government advice, health and safety guidelines, student learning, community needs, and the practical requirements for effective program delivery. 

During Phase Three, offsite learning will be supported through the use of our Seesaw, SEQTA and Zoom platforms. As in Term 2, our remote programs will feature a mix of real-time and independent learning approaches, with live lessons used to support instruction, explanation and discussion, and offline time allocated for student engagement with independent tasks, inquiry and extended projects. 

Building from stakeholder feedback in the first half of the year, we will be expanding our use of a range of platforms and approaches for supporting small group work and individual mentoring sessions with students, as a way of offering more personalised support for learning at home. We will also be offering a number of parent workshops to further support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. Please continue to monitor school announcements for updates regarding these opportunities as the term progresses. 

The Continuous Learning Plan website is currently being updated to reflect the current situation and the changes made in our approach from Semester 1. The updated site will go live on Monday, and I encourage parents to spend time with your children to discuss the guidelines and schedules set out on the site and establish a shared understanding of the model and its expectations. Woodleigh will continue to provide a range of resources via CLP site to support parents and families, so please take the time to review these materials. As always, the success of our approach to continuous learning rests upon a strong partnership between School and home.

Term 3 Fees and Charges

The level of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming weeks, coupled with the changes we have made to our School programs has led us to postpone the issuing of our Term 3 invoices. We are awaiting further Government announcements, including a more definite indication of the length of the current lockdown before determining our fee discount for the term. Families who sought financial support earlier this year have been contacted to assess the level of support they require. All activities that do not proceed will be refunded from the Consolidated Charge. 

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

I, of course, share in the collective sense of disappointment the return to lockdown has brought. The heightened anxiety it has created, both within our community and across Melbourne, concerns me greatly, and I urge all families who are experiencing difficulty to please let us know. We will do all we can to work with you and assist in any way possible. 

In times such as these, we must pull together and look out for one another. I encourage you to keep contact with the School and each other, and like you, I look forward to the day when we can return to some sense of normality, both at Woodleigh and in the broader community. 

Stay safe, stay well,

David Baker

27 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

As the school term draws to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to sign off as Acting Principal as well as provide some guidance to families on the plans for the start of Term 2.

The School is currently in Phase One of implementation for our Continuous Learning Plan. At this stage, our focus is on the design and delivery of asynchronous learning engagements, that do not require teachers and students to be online at the same time. As our families are experiencing high levels of disruption at home due to the spread of COVID-19, this is an essential part of our plan to ensure equity of access. Importantly, Phase One is also providing the school with the opportunity to test the new systems and structures we have put in place to support this alternate mode of education. In particular, we needed to ensure our IT infrastructure could support the increasing level of demand. We are keen to ensure that each child has access to educational materials and support while our physical campuses are closed. This survey is designed to help Woodleigh School understand what resources families need during this time. We would be very grateful if you could complete this over the next few days.

We will be implementing the second phase of our Continuous Learning Plan early in Term 2. This next phase will include the introduction of synchronous learning engagements, providing opportunities for students to participate in engagements with their teachers and classmates at an established time to allow for interactions in real time. As part of our planning for the approach, we are currently working through the technical, practical and legal requirements for Phase Two, so we are able to expand our provision in a safe, effective and sustainable manner. Further advice regarding the move to Phase Two will be available to the community towards the end of the holiday break.

In light of Stage 2 government restrictions we have now closed the gates to all three campuses. A very small skeleton staff will continue to work at the Senior Campus on ‘essential’ work but the campus will be closed to the broader Woodleigh community until restrictions are lifted. Parents can continue to contact School Reception on 5971 6100 or by email using of our non-teaching staff will continue to work from home during the Easter holidays.

We will continue to monitor the government advice and updates, communicating the implications for the School to families as soon as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to direct families to some of the support services that have been set up by the Australian Government:

Parents may also be interested to view this video from Dr Arne Rubinstein from The Rites of Passage Institute on parenting in a time of crisis. Many of you will recall that Arne ran a session at Senior Campus in March last year as part of our Parent Education series.

The incoming Principal David Baker has been generously supporting the School over the last few weeks whilst also dealing with the COVID-19 issue at Gippsland Grammar. We had originally scheduled that the handover between David and me would be Monday 6 April but, unsurprisingly, David’s holiday plans have changed and I’m handing over the baton today to give David clear water to take over as Principal. I will continue to be heavily involved with the COVID-19 response of course as Head of Senior Campus before moving on at the end of Term 2. Keep an eye out for communication from David in due course.

We thank you again for your support and understanding during this time and hope that families can still enjoy the Easter holidays under these challenging circumstances.

David Burton 
Deputy Principal – Head of Senior Campus

25 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

Following recent announcements by the Victorian State Premier on Stage 2 restrictions on non-essential venues and activities, I wish to advise families of the updated working arrangements across the three Woodleigh School campuses. 

We have been thrilled with the support we’ve received from families and students regarding our Continuous Learning Plan. Our learning programs have continued to be delivered to all students this week, with nearly 98% of students from Years 7 to 12 checking in with Homestead Tutors this morning. Minimbah and Penbank teachers have also reported very high engagement over the last two days. 

We have been able to keep some non-teaching staff onsite across the three campuses this week. However, in light of the new Stage 2 restrictions announcement, we will be closing the physical Minimbah and Penbank campuses from 5pm today. A small, skeleton staff will continue to work from the Senior Campus on ‘essential’ work, but we will not be able to provide onsite service to families or students at Senior Campus after 5pm tomorrow (Thursday). Parents can continue to contact School Reception on 5971 6100 or by email using . Many of our non-teaching staff will continue to work from home during the Easter holidays, while our teaching staff will, of course, continue to be in contact and delivering our Continuous Learning Plan before breaking for the holidays this Friday. 

We will continue to monitor government advice and updates, communicating the implications for the School to families as soon as possible. 

We thank you again for your support and understanding during this time. 

David Burton 
Acting Principal – Head of Senior Campus

​23 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

Following the Victorian State Government’s announcement yesterday that all government schools in Victoria will be closing to students from tomorrow (Tuesday), I want to provide some clarity to families on the arrangements across the three Woodleigh School campuses.

The decision to close the physical premises to students last week and provide time for teachers to plan for the implementation of the Continuous Learning Plan has proved enormously beneficial. I am pleased to confirm that all three campuses are able to deliver our learning programs to all students this week through the implementation of the Plan. We will be breaking for the Easter school holidays as scheduled after Friday.

We have had a very successful first day of the Continuous Learning Plan for Senior Campus students today, with over 90% of students from Years 7 to 12 checking in with Homestead tutors at the start of the day. Our secondary tutors will again be sending ‘Direct Messages’ from SEQTA to their tutor groups tomorrow morning. We hope to get closer to 100% tomorrow. Junior Campus class teachers will also be connecting with their students.

We ask families again to please check the Continuous Learning Plan website for an overview of expectations as well as guidelines for parents. We ask respectfully please that parents also adhere to the guidance around non-essential travel and social distancing; further resources can also be found on the site. We have sent out further program-specific guidance to all families this afternoon, with more detail about the learning experiences at each section of the School. The information for VCE Units 3 and 4 has drawn on the latest VCAA updates.

We continue to be very appreciative of the support and understanding of the Woodleigh community as we grapple with the COVID-19 outbreak. We look forward to the time when we reopen our campuses. We will continue to monitor the situation in the days and weeks ahead. 

We thank you again for your patience and understanding during this time and will continue to provide regular updates to families.

David Burton
Acting Principal – Head of Senior Campus

17 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

An Extraordinary School Leadership Team meeting was held this evening in conjunction with the School Board to review our School’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to prepare for the introduction of the Continuous Learning Plan in the event of the physical closure of our campuses to students. The purpose of this letter is to provide a summary of the key decisions of that meeting and to provide further detail on the Continuous Learning Plan following our letter to families yesterday.

The School Leadership Team has reluctantly taken the decision to move to the Continuous Learning Plan from Monday 23 March. In order to finalise staff preparation for the transition and to secure all online learning services,

• our Senior Campus will close to students from 3.45pm tomorrow, Wednesday 18 March

• the School’s Minimbah and Penbank campuses will close to students from 3.30pm on Thursday 19 March.

The COVID-19 outbreak poses an unprecedented challenge to our community and we have been very grateful for the support and understanding of parents, students and staff as we grapple with this situation. We have sought expert external advice throughout this process. Although Woodleigh has had no confirmed cases of COVID-19, this decision was influenced by the surge in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Victoria as well as the Victorian Government' s decision to declare a State of Emergency. We are also mindful of the advice regarding social distancing as a mitigation measure and we would encourage you to refer to the guidance here. The staggered timetable of student closure reflects the different dynamics of the Senior and Junior campuses and our recognition that families with younger children will need more time to arrange suitable supervision arrangements at home.

This message is the second in a series of communications for families that describes our approach to providing an alternative means of education through implementation of the Continuous Learning Plan. While the School's Continuous Learning Plan does not intend to replicate onsite learning, it does ensure that our staff can continue to deliver rich teaching and learning experiences that are in line with our Woodleigh values and learning principles. These experiences offer authentic opportunities to focus on the development of knowledge, concepts, and skills for all of our students from ECC through to Year 12.

When the plan is activated, we will continue to provide learning programs for our students through the delivery of on-screen and off-screen learning experiences that help connect students to previous learning and the current curriculum. During the early weeks of our implementation, teachers will focus attention on the design and delivery of asynchronous learning engagements. An asynchronous learning environment is one that does not require teachers and students to be online at the same time. Since we anticipate that the pattern of social disruption caused by the spread of COVID-19 will have an impact upon family routines and arrangements, this is an essential part of our Continuous Learning Plan.

The second phase of implementation for the plan will include the introduction of synchronous learning engagements. A synchronous learning environment provides opportunities for students to participate in engagements with their teachers and classmates at an established time to allow for interactions in real time. The decision to move from phase one to phase two of the plan will be informed by the evolving landscape for COVID-19 and its related impact on us.

Additional information about the school’s Continuous Learning Plan will continue to be released over the days ahead. A dedicated website has been developed to support the implementation of the plan and will be shared with parents and students by close of business this Friday. Senior Campus staff will be using Thursday and Friday to finalise preparations for the transition to the plan, with asynchronous learning to commence from next Monday. Junior Campus staff will be using Friday and Monday for the transition to the plan, with asynchronous learning to commence from next Tuesday.

While the school appreciates that families will continue to have many questions about this topic, we ask for your support in holding off on further enquiries until after the full release of information to the school community.

While we understand that this decision will cause inconvenience to families, we have been heartened by the support and well wishes of the Woodleigh community during this challenging time. We thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Vanessa Gabriel  
Chair of the Board

David Burton  
Acting Principal – Head of Senior Campus

Richard Owens  
Director of Learning, Strategy and Innovation

16 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

This message is the first in a series of communications for families that will describe our commitment to providing an alternative means of education in the form of the Woodleigh School Continuous Learning Plan.

The plan provides detail about how the school’s learning programs will continue in a scenario where we are required to physically close our campuses. 

It reflects our belief that,

  • as a community, we should think differently in order to effectively respond to challenging circumstances, and
  • be prepared to embrace new opportunities to support student learning.

While the school’s Continuous Learning Plan does not intend to replicate onsite learning, it does ensure that our staff can continue to deliver rich teaching and learning experiences that are in line with our Woodleigh values and learning principles.

In the event of our campuses being closed, we will engage students with learning experiences that continue our planned programs, and help them stay connected with teachers and classmates. These experiences offer authentic opportunities to focus on the development of knowledge, concepts, and skills for all of our students from ECC through to Year 12.

These experiences will continue to combine the focus on academic learning, student engagement, and wellbeing that is at the heart of a Woodleigh Education. We will provide a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks that help connect students to previous learning and the current curriculum.

As you will be aware, the School Leadership Team has been closely monitoring the rapidly evolving landscape for the COVID-19 virus over recent weeks. While this unprecedented situation will present many challenges for our community, please be assured that our school and academic leadership teams have been diligently working to consider a variety of possible scenarios. Our aim has been to ensure we are prepared to offer a full range of support for students, parents and families in the weeks ahead. During this time, a clear priority for our work has been making preparations to ensure that learning for our students can continue beyond the physical closure of our campuses.

Additional information about the school’s Continuous Learning Plan will be released over the course of the week and, as required, in response to the rapidly evolving community context in which we live. A dedicated website has been developed to support the implementation of the plan and will soon go live for the school community. In the next message for families, we will provide further advice about how to access the site, along with detail about how we can best support each other, in the case that the school needs to implement the plan.

While the school appreciates that families will have many questions about this topic, we ask for your support in holding off on further enquiries until after the next release of information to the school community.

We thank you again for your patience and support at this challenging time.

David Burton
Acting Principal – Head of Senior Campus

Richard Owens
Director of Learning, Strategy and Innovation

14 March 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

I wanted to give an update to all families, with additional guidance on COVID-19 following further information over the last few days. I am grateful for your patience as we navigate this evolving and complex situation.

Woodleigh’s Exposure to COVID-19

I want to reassure families that, to the best of our knowledge, no member of the Woodleigh community (staff, student or parent) has tested positive for COVID-19, despite some rumours and misinformation being spread. If you believe that you or household members are beginning to show symptoms of the virus or if someone with whom you have had close contact has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must notify the School immediately and take all necessary medical advice.   

Latest Advice

Following meetings with state premiers, senior ministers and health authorities, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced that ‘non-essential’ organised mass gatherings of more than 500 people will be banned across Australia from Monday in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19. Schools and universities are not included in the ban and consequently the three campuses of Woodleigh will be open for business on Monday. However, the situation has been fluid since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global pandemic and recently within Victoria we have seen the closure of several schools and the release of a COVID-19 Pandemic Plan for the Victorian Health Sector by the Victorian Government. As advice changes, we will continue to keep our community informed through direct communication, as well as through the school’s web site.


We are also adding resources and links to the web site. Here you will find the latest information from organisations such as the Department of Health, Smartraveller and the Department of Education along with copies of our most recent direct correspondence. You may also find this video from psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg particularly useful when discussing COVID-19 with children at home.

Potential School Closure

Over the coming days and weeks, we will continue to provide additional guidance as the likelihood of a school closure increases. It is important that we continue to develop our contingency plan should a school closure be required.

Should a member of our community test positive this would result in an immediate closure of the school. Any decision regarding the large-scale closure of schools will be made by the Victorian Department of Education.

A school closure would mean a shift to Online Learning. A lot of work is being done in the background to develop an Online Learning Plan, which will provide guidance to families and students and recommendations for staff, students and their parents. Students have been advised to take home all devices and resources. They should then only bring in the resources they require for a specific school day. In the event of school closure, we will, in all likelihood, implement a transition period of 2-3 days to support staff and may possibly also introduce a student-free day for Senior Campus staff to support this transition. Advance notice will be given if this occurs. Senior Campus will operate a normal class timetable on Tuesday 17th March following the postponement of parent-student teacher sessions.

School Events

At this stage, all School excursions and incursions across the three campuses for the remainder of Term 1 have been cancelled, including those scheduled as part of the Senior Campus ‘Activities’ program. The Year 10 Hattah camp, planned for departure next week has also been cancelled, with the School investigating future opportunities with our external providers. Year 10 students should attend school as usual during Weeks 8 and 9, whether at school or online in the event of school closure.  As we continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation closely, arrangements for Term 2 events may change and we will continue to review those in the days and weeks ahead.

Health and Hygiene

Please refer to the guidance provided in my last letter home.

Travel Advice

The Australian Government is actively discouraging ‘non-essential’ overseas travel and I would encourage families to exercise great caution if travelling abroad over the Easter holiday period. The school has now also ceased overseas exchange programs for the foreseeable future.

Families should make sure that any child returning from mainland China  from 1 February, Iran from 1 March, Republic of Korea from 5 March, or Italy from 11 March, is isolated at home and should not attend school until 14 days after they were last in mainland China, Iran, the Republic of Korea or Italy. This advice also applies to any impacted staff.

We also require members of the community to notify us if they have also been in close proximity with someone who has returned from mainland China, Iran, the Republic of Korea or Italy. We have been advised that we need to make a full risk assessment on anyone who has been in direct contact with someone returning from any of these 4 countries, particularly someone within their household.


I will continue to communicate on a regular basis with the school community via email, as will Junior Heads of Campus. Please pay close attention to emails as well as SMS updates. We have set up a dedicated email account for family enquiries regarding the virus. Parents email with any information or questions relating to COVID-19.

Please follow normal procedures with regard to student absence notifications. Please contact Reception before 9.30am on any day of absence.

Many thanks again for your support during this very challenging time.

Acting Principal– Head of Senior Campus

10 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh community,

Earlier this term I wrote to all families with guidance on the Coronavirus, now known as COVID-19.


You will be aware that, at the time of writing, there are well in excess of 100,000 cases of Coronavirus reported around the globe.  Consequently, the School is planning for scenarios that are no longer merely a hypothetical. We will continue to be operating in a very fluid and changing environment. Our role is to remain balanced in our outlook and continue to make decisions focusing on the welfare of our students based on the most recent available information.  You may also find the attached information from our Employee Assistance Program helpful.

We have, since the outbreak was confirmed, followed Australian Government, Department of Health, Department of Education and Training and Independent Schools Victoria updates. The following mandates will be followed by the School as per protocols laid out by regulatory authorities.   

Students or staff cannot attend school or preschool if they have:

  • left, or transited through mainland China in the last 14 days (they must isolate themselves for 14 days from leaving mainland China)
  • left, or transited through Iran on or after 1 March (they must isolate themselves until 14 days after leaving Iran)
  • left, or transited through the Republic of Korea on or after 5 March (they must isolate themselves until 14 days after leaving the Republic of Korea)
  • left, or transited through Italy on or after 11 March (they must isolate themselves until 14 days after leaving Italy)
  • been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus in the last 14 days (they must isolate themselves for 14 days after the date of last contact with the confirmed case).

If you are returning from these countries, you need to monitor your health for the next 14 days. If you believe that you are beginning to show symptoms of the virus, please contact your GP immediately. If you, or someone with whom you have had close contact with, has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify the School immediately and take all necessary medical advice.   

In order to minimise any risk to our school community the following is provided for your information. 

The spread of coronavirus can be prevented by practising good hand hygiene and sneeze/cough hygiene. It is the best defence against most viruses:

  • wash hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet
  • cover coughs and sneezes, dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • and if unwell, avoid contact with others (touching, kissing, hugging, and other intimate contact).  

Current symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19 include, but are not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath. If a student or staff member develops mild symptoms, they should:

  • Isolate themselves from others at home and use a separate bathroom if available:
  • Put on a surgical mask and if they don't have one, practise good sneeze/cough hygiene:
  • Practise good hand hygiene: and
  • Call a doctor or hospital and tell them the recent travel or close contact history.

If they have serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, call 000, ask for an ambulance and notify the officers of the recent travel or close contact history. 

In the event that a student becomes unwell whilst at school we will need to request that Parents collect the student from school.   

It is likely that in the coming weeks and months, someone within our school community may be directly impacted by coronavirus COVID-I9. Therefore, the School Leadership Team has developed a contingency plan aimed at minimising and managing the impact that such an event would inflict. Some of the initiatives currently in place or in development include:

  • Improved hygiene practices across all campuses with increased cleaning schedules and more thorough cleaning being undertaken – including the disinfecting of handrails and doorknobs.
  • Implementing a formal process for managing an event where a student or staff informs the school of a positive diagnosis of Coronavirus COVID-19.
  • Avoiding person to person physical contact where possible (such as handshakes)
  • Developing an online teaching and learning plan for anyone unable to attend normal classes.
  • Developing a wider-school quarantine plan in the event that multiple members of the student population are infected.
  • Updating the school website with the latest school communications.
  • Preparing for a scenario where the school is obliged to close for a period of time with continuous learning to be delivered through our online platforms.

As events continue to unfold the School will consistently review and improve its approach to identifying potential risks and implementing mitigation activities as more becomes known of the virus.   

May I also respectfully suggest that all families look carefully at their own non-urgent personal travel plans and/or holidays in the coming months. You may also wish to consult your own insurers if you have overseas travel booked. You need to be cognisant that if you choose to visit a restricted area on a family holiday, then the School expects that this will be declared and that we may have to impose the mandatory 14-day isolation period, or at a very minimum a medical clearance before your son or daughter can return to school.   

If you require further information about COVID-19 please visit the Department of Health website by following this link.

Further information for schools and early childhood centres, students and their parents from the Department of Health is also attached. 

Many thanks for your support during this challenging time.

David Burton Acting Principal - Head of Senior Campus

*Woodleigh School will expand the list of countries in accordance with updated Government and Department of Health advice.

Coping with the Novel Coronavirus – Information Flyer

COVID-19 Information for Schools and Early Childhood Centres

Tips on what to tell your children about Coronavirus

School TV Special Report – Coronavirus

ISV – Independent Schools Victoria – Advice for Parents

Australian Government Department of Health – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Alert

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Coronavirus Updates

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services – About Coronavirus

Woodleigh School Continuous Learning Site

Access the Woodleigh School Continuous Learning Site by clicking the image below.

Visit the Woodleigh Continuous Learning Website

COVID Safe Plan

Woodleigh School’s COVID Safe Plan sets out the actions we are taking to protect our staff, students, visitors and wider campus communities, and our response to a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at our school.

This plan demonstrates how we will meet all of the requirements set out by the Victorian Government, including:

  • All adults and students over 12 are required to wear masks as per the current regulations
  • Using our spaces to meet physical distancing guidelines
  • Use of ventilation is encouraged

We have visual reminders about:

  • Physical distancing 
  • Hand hygiene
  • Staying home if unwell
  • Wearing masks
    • Hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels are provided to support hand hygiene
    • Environmental cleaning has been increased and sharing of equipment reviewed in accordance with guidelines
    • Where possible, Woodleigh School’s permitted workers do not work across multiple sites.

No staff, student or member of our community attends our campuses if they’re feeling unwell and/or displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19.

    • Staff, students and other community members are directed to get tested for COVID-19 if they’re feeling unwell, and do not re-enter the Woodleigh School or wider community until they have recovered and received a negative test result.
    • Reporting of any positive COVID-19 cases within our community to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and our community members.
    • Risk assessments are undertaken for cleaning and the potential closure of specific sites, if the need arises.

For a copy of Woodleigh School’s Covid Safe Plan, please email