COVID Safe Plan

Woodleigh School’s COVID Safe Plan sets out the actions we are taking to protect our staff, students, visitors and wider campus communities, and our response to a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at our school.

This plan demonstrates how we will meet all of the requirements set out by the Victorian Government, including:

  • All adults and students over 12 are required to wear masks as per the current regulations
  • Using our spaces to meet physical distancing guidelines
  • Use of ventilation is encouraged

We have visual reminders about:

  • Physical distancing 
  • Hand hygiene
  • Staying home if unwell
  • Wearing masks
    • Hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels are provided to support hand hygiene
    • Environmental cleaning has been increased and sharing of equipment reviewed in accordance with guidelines
    • Where possible, Woodleigh School’s permitted workers do not work across multiple sites.

No staff, student or member of our community attends our campuses if they’re feeling unwell and/or displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19.

    • Staff, students and other community members are directed to get tested for COVID-19 if they’re feeling unwell, and do not re-enter the Woodleigh School or wider community until they have recovered and received a negative test result.
    • Reporting of any positive COVID-19 cases within our community to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and our community members.
    • Risk assessments are undertaken for cleaning and the potential closure of specific sites, if the need arises.

For a copy of Woodleigh School’s Covid Safe Plan, please email