Head of Science Faculty

This is a rare opportunity for a person of great drive to continue to build on Woodleigh School’s reputation as a leader in the delivery of contemporary, holistic coeducation.

The Head of Science will work across Years 7-12 at our Woodleigh Campus to further develop a science curriculum and faculty which seeks to engage every student in an exciting and relevant learning journey that nurtures individual passions, interests and strengths.

Reports to – Head of Teaching and Learning

Responsible for:

  • Lead colleagues to develop learning and teaching programs using comprehensive knowledge of curriculum, assessment and reporting requirements
  • Lead colleagues to select and develop teaching strategies to improve student learning using knowledge of students’ individual needs
  • Lead processes to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching programs using research and school-based evidence, such as assessment data
  • Model exemplary professional behavior and teaching of subjects using effective, research- based learning and teaching programs
  • Work with colleagues to review, modify and expand their repertoire of teaching strategies to enable students to use knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and creative thinking
  • Initiate and engage in professional discussions with colleagues in a range of forums to evaluate practice directed at improving professional knowledge and practice, and the educational outcomes of students.
  • To develop and maintain communication, co-operation and collaboration between all members of the Faculty
  • To co-ordinate and support the development, implementation and evaluation of the school’s strategic curriculum initiatives
  • Liase with the Head of Teaching and Learning in counselling members of the Faculty on appropriate teaching practices

Essential Requirements:

  • A commitment to the development of a high quality Science education experience for all students
  • Strong inter-personal skills
  • Strong communication skills – written and oral
  • Strong management skills
  • Strong financial management skills

Desirable Requirements:

  • A broad knowledge of all disciplines of Science with a speciality in one (or more)
  • A knowledge of and experience with current educational trends in Science education
  • A knowledge of and experience with the application of ICT in Science education
  • Familiarity with inquiry-based curriculum frameworks, such as those promoted by the IBO
  • Expertise with experiential, project based and problem based learning approaches

Prepared by – Dr Richard Owens

Date prepared:

1 August 2017

Overview of Responsibilities

Faculty Leadership

  • Leading the review and development of teaching and learning programs
  • Leading the review and development of effective teaching strategies to address student needs
  • Leading the implementation of the Assessment Policy, and quality assessment and reporting practices
  • Support, mentor and manage all Faculty members.
  • Convene and conduct meetings to lead the process of curriculum development and delivery
  • Oversee the selection and organisation of excursions
  • Participate in, and advise on the preparation of courses of study, in consultation with faculty members and school leaders
  • Member of the Woodleigh Learning and Teaching Team
  • Meet regularly with the Head of Teaching and Learning, and Head of Studies to plan, manage and review programmes relating to curriculum development, delivery and assessment
  • Identify, lead and participate in appropriate professional development activities
  • Collaborate with other faculty leaders, teachers and school leaders across the campus, and from other campuses, as required
  • Ensure that Faculty staff are aware of current practices, research and literature in their teaching areas
  • Ensure that the safety of students in class is maintained
  • Prepare, manage and review the annual budget to ensure the ongoing delivery of quality educational experiences
  • Ensure the continued development of resources, including textbooks, class sets and teacher resources
  • Oversee all aspects of the development of end of semester examinations.
  • Oversee the use, care and maintenance of Faculty facilities

School Leadership

  • Promote the activities of the staff and students to the broader community through the School Newsletter, Assemblies, Local Newspaper, and Professional Journals; as appropriate

The Woodleigh Teacher

  • Encourages a culture of mutual respect, inquiry, innovation and learning
  • Emphasises the Woodleigh model for Personalised Learning in their professional practice (real world, experiential learning; assessment for learning; life-long learning skills; coaching and mentoring; and wellbeing and engagement.)
  • Communicates effectively with students and families about learning activities and student progress
  • Sets high academic achievement expectations
  • Identifies and supports students’ social, emotional, and behavioural learning needs
  • Facilitates, designs and engages with effective collaboration
  • Provides timely feedback and collaborates with others to offer specialised support
  • Differentiates instruction based on feedback and learning needs

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 25 August.

For position specific enquiries, please contact Richard Owens – Head of Teaching and Learning at Woodleigh School on 5971 6100, or email

All applications are to be directed to the Principal, Mr Jonathan Walter.



Located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, Woodleigh School is an independent, coeducational school comprising two Junior Campuses (ECC-Year 6) in Frankston South and Moorooduc and a Senior Campus in Langwarrin South.

Woodleigh is a community that strongly values a holistic education.  It is a place where students are known and valued, where boys and girls grow into independent, creative, resilient individuals together.

Woodleigh is a school of dynamic, academically rigorous learning, which reflects and responds to the world we live in today.  Whilst very definitely an academic school, with fine VCE results equipping the large majority of students for tertiary study, it also provides a number of other very important dimensions that prepare all students for the challenges of life in the twenty first century.

Woodleigh affirms openness, independence, self motivation and initiative, and never limits students to predetermined outcomes.  Woodleigh is entirely coeducational, committed to the belief that this is the only suitable setting to educate both boys and girls for adult life.

Woodleigh School is an equal opportunity employer.