"We ought never to do for young people what they, with a struggle, could be expected to be doing for themselves. With our encouragement, our urging and our insistence they can learn to manage."


The Heart is the Key

Sound education can only take place in an environment where students feel safe, valued and respected.

At Woodleigh School, students are encouraged to develop a healthy sense of self-worth, including an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. It is this environment that encourages students to engage in learning with increased enthusiasm and confidence.


Vital to the success of education at Woodleigh School is balance; aiming to educate the whole person to reach full potential through an enriching range of programs and activities which develop an inquiring mind, initiative, independence, character and personality.

We value diversity, respect individual differences and seek to celebrate the intrinsic dignity and integrity of every individual.

High Expectations

We support every student to strive for their individual best every day.

A Passion for Life

We believe it is essential that young people operate in an environment that is positive and essentially optimistic about human nature and the world in which we live.

Education Happens Best in a Community

The sense of belonging, of being engaged in a harmonious community where personal relationships matter, is central to student life at Woodleigh School. As the School is of moderate size, the child remains the focus. However, Woodleigh School is large enough to provide adequate choice and diversity.

A Life-Long Passion for Learning

Woodleigh School aims to provide its students with the critical skills, knowledge and attitudes to meet the challenges of life beyond school. Our students face the challenges of tertiary study and adult life with confidence and optimism.

The Whole Student

We care about the total development of the student. We value and support high academic achievement, but our program encourages balanced growth in all areas of life – academic, social, physical and emotional.

Woodleigh School seeks to provide an environment where students are stimulated and challenged; where education can be a joy.


Woodleigh seeks to prepare students for their futures by delivering the best in contemporary, personalised education. We equip students with the ability to learn independently, to deal with change, to be adaptive and resilient so that they may live fulfilling, sustainable lives.