Woodleigh is a school where students and staff are provided with the opportunity, encouragement and resources to be the best they can be. This is achieved through an approach to education that emphasises academic achievement in an environment of respect for oneself, for others and for the environment, underpinned by a set of the values recognised as the Woodleigh Way.

It is expected that all Woodleigh School teaching staff are skilled and passionate classroom practitioners with a desire to deliver engaging and relevant educational experiences.

A strong professional team approach

Woodleigh encourages staff to become highly involved in all facets of school life. We have a strong, happy team of teaching and support staff who collaborate extensively, support one another professionally, and who, through the school's extensive Activities, Camps, Co-curricular and Sporting Programs, are able to lead students in the field, subject or activity about which they are passionate.

The Peninsula lifestyle

The Mornington Peninsula offers residents a relaxed, safe lifestyle, with beaches and bushland, fewer traffic hassles and housing costs which are lower than those of metropolitan Melbourne. It is a great place to bring up a family.

Staff Welfare

Woodleigh School takes a caring and compassionate approach to staff welfare and personal issues. We offer flexibility and an environment which supports you in your professional and personal growth, with excellent opportunities to be involved in co-curricular activities (integrated into your allotment).

All Staff must

  • endorse Woodleigh School's particular values and philosophies (descriptions of which are readily available in other areas of this website)
  • be well skilled in ICT
  • have at least Level 1 First Aid Training (or be prepared to undertake training)
  • be committed to continuous learning
  • be prepared to be involved in the full life of the School community and a wide range of interactions with students, in line with our School's values.

This Includes

  • pastoral care roles
  • involvement in co-curricular activities, including through the Activities Program
  • involvement in the School's Activity Weeks Program in Terms 1 and 3 (this includes a wide range of camps and workshops)
  • extensive PD opportunities
  • registration with the VIT and a current police check (i.e. no more than 12 months old)


  • Salaries will be negotiated depending on the skills and experience of the applicant.
  • Please note that part-time positions come with no guarantees with respect to a given number of days off per week.


  • All applications should be addressed to:
    Human Relations
    Woodleigh School, 485 Golf Links Road, Langwarrin South, Vic 3911
    or via email: by the closing date.
  • All applications should contain the name and contact details of three professional referees. 

Woodleigh School Professional Teaching Code

1. Positive Attitude Toward Teaching: a 'vocation'

  • a belief in the value of teaching & education
  • committed to high quality, excellence, & innovation
  • supportive of the development of the profession.

2. Supportive of Woodleigh School:

  • Staff at Woodleigh understand and embrace the organisation’s key values (e.g. total education, balance, independence, personal responsibility, etc.)
  • In particular, staff subscribe to the “3R’s”: respect for self, respect for others, & respect for the environment
  • Woodleigh staff are well informed on key school policies, especially the School’s Teaching and Learning Philosophies
  • Woodleigh staff are supportive of the school in public (i.e. outside the School). While active and free debate between staff on educational and organisational matters is encouraged, staff keep confidential business or criticisms to appropriate forums within the School
  • Staff are prepared to contribute to the general life of the School and are interested in the achievements, challenges, and issues of the wider School community.

3. Professional Skills

3.1 Committed to knowing subject(s) (or area of expertise)

3.2 Committed to knowing and implementing the craft of teaching (pedagogy):

  • Woodleigh teachers strive to teach well, understand how students learn, engage students, and maintain a safe, appropriate, & challenging learning environment

3.3 Up to date on relevant developments/and prepared to continually extend/improve/upgrade

  • believe in life long learning for self as well as students
  • committed to personal pursuit of learning & excellence
  • committed to ongoing professional development
  • prepared to embrace new learning technologies as appropriate (intranet, internet, email, key software, etc.)

3.4 Committed to knowing students and to aiming to cater for the individual

  • know students well/treat as individuals/respect individual differences
  • interested in students’ welfare as well as their learning
  • empathetic/flexible/caring
  • embrace social/total learning as well as subject
  • up-to-date on available information on students.

3.5 Able to communicate appropriately and in a timely manner (with students, parents, staff)

4. Key Professional Qualities of Teachers

4.1 Understands “professional distance”

  • Maintains proper relationships with students
  • Friendly – but a teacher, not a friend
  • Keeps professional/private boundaries clear
  • Able to avoid becoming unduly emotionally involved in stressful situations – able to keep objectivity

4.2 Focused on providing for the educational needs of our students

  • As professionals, avoid personal feelings and private agendas getting in the way of providing for our students
  • Committed to a high quality educational product and prepared to work effectively and diligently to this end

4.3 Balanced

  • While focused on providing the best possible outcome for students while at work, Woodleigh staff nevertheless strive to maintain a healthy balance in their lives: between work and private life, between serious endeavour and relaxation and fun. Balance in one’s life is a valid objective in itself; it also enables staff to remain fit and objective and thus able to function well at work.

4.4 Open to feedback and constructive criticism

  • Keen to improve and open to suggestions
  • Admits when wrong/doesn’t know something/could do better and not defensive
  • Reflective, self analytical

4.5 Committed to work collaboratively with others

  • Woodleigh staff are team players (when appropriate)
  • prepared to share/collaborate/cooperate/trust
  • treat colleagues with respect and value their input
  • prepared to facilitate team work by putting in/being on time/meeting deadlines/valuing others’ opinions/adopting a courteous and appropriate manner
  • doesn’t interrupt colleagues’ classes/programs without adequate warning/justification/due process or add to colleagues’ workloads unnecessarily
  • only absent with due cause
  • support one another professionally and personally – celebrating achievements and big events and helping out when colleagues face professional or personal challenges

4.6 Committed to working in partnership with parents

  • Woodleigh teachers work cooperatively and respectfully with parents as partners in the educational process and are committed to appropriate communication, feedback and consultation with parents as required
  • At the same time, teachers have professional skills and insights which they bring to any given situation which they expect to be respected and valued by parents
  • Teachers are in a professional relationship with parents, which should be respectful & where possible friendly – but their role is not one of personal friend.

4.7 Prepared to do the hard things when necessary

  • The real mark of a professional teacher is how he or she reacts in difficult situations – e.g. difficult disciplinary situations, situations where there is conflict with others (students/colleagues/parents), situations where doing the right thing isn’t necessarily going to be easy/popular/well received.

4.8 As a professional, expect a degree of latitude/personal responsibility

  • Professionals are personally responsible for monitoring their own performance and should not require too much supervision if meeting standards

5. Personal Qualities of Teachers

5.1 Approaches other staff and students with respect

5.2 Demonstrates personal integrity (honesty, fairness, consistency, trustworthiness, operate according to a moral codes, try to be objective & unbiased)

5.3 Empathetic

5.4 Generally positive (in manner and attitude to challenges)

5.5 Has an acceptable personal manner when dealing with others

  • as a minimum : courteous/polite/not rude/controls temper and mood
  • hopefully also : approachable, pleasant, friendly, supportive
  • understands and uses appropriate methods to resolve disputes

5.6 Flexible/adaptable

5.7 Responsible

5.8 Has a positive attitude towards young people generally and able to work with students that he/she may not personally like.

6. Professional Conduct: Specifics

6.1 Punctual for classes, meetings, functions, etc.
(on a regular basis; not late without good reason)

6.2 Prepared and organised
plans and prepares well

6.3 Gets the core routine tasks done well/in timely manner/without drama

  • returns homework in a reasonable time frame for the task
  • meets deadlines – esp. assessment & reporting
  • returns calls, letters, etc promptly
  • attends meetings as required
  • leaves work for extras wherever possible
  • keeps adequate records
6.4 Pays particular attention to fulfilling specific legal duties


  • duty of care
  • supervision
  • attendance records

6.5 Committed to the School’s organisational procedures

  • knows what is required and implements as appropriate
  • if aware of deficiencies, works to remedy them or to provide
    constructive advice.

6.6 Discreet

  • maintains students’/other staff members’ confidences
  • reveals private information about students/staff only on a “need to know” basis.

6.7 Models appropriate language and material

(and avoids language and material inappropriate to the situation)

6.8 Presents him/herself appropriately for the situation

(acknowledging that Woodleigh generally embraces a more casual style in its day-to-day activities than traditional independent schools)

  • in particular, avoids clothing that is overly sexual/revealing/provocative.

7. Sets Appropriate Priorities Under Pressure

  • Teachers are human and will not always be able to achieve all the above, but they will aim to. When pressed, they will set priorities which reflect the core values of the profession and of the School.
  • When they have made an error of judgement, they will take responsibility and try to rectify the situation in an appropriate way.
  • In doing so, they can expect the good will and support of their colleagues and the School whenever they are acting in good faith.

Expressions of Interest – Casual Relief Teachers

An exciting opportunity exists for enthusiastic and inspiring Casual Relief Teachers to support students at our Senior Campus in Langwarrin South.

A teacher at Woodleigh School places an emphasis on the 5 Elements of the Woodleigh model for Personalised Learning in their professional practice.

  • Real-world, experiential learning 
  • Assessment for learning 
  • Life-long learning skills 
  • Coaching and mentoring  
  • Wellbeing and engagement 

The successful candidates will have a warm and welcoming disposition, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and a willingness to innovate and encourage the development of creativity.  

Conditions of Employment 

  • Valid VIT Registration
  • Current First Aid Training and Anaphylaxis 

Woodleigh is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to appointing staff on the basis of merit. 

At Woodleigh School, we have zero-tolerance for child abuse and are committed to acting in children’s best interests and keeping them safe from harm. All staff are to abide by the Child Safety Code of Conduct. 

All expressions of interest should be emailed to

Director of Business and School Operations

  • Significant finance and operations leadership role
  • Develop and inspire a talented team
  • Mornington Peninsula location

Woodleigh School seeks to appoint a collaborative and entrepreneurial leader to the position of Director of Business and School Operations. As a member of the School Leadership Team, the Director will provide high-level advice and support to the Principal and the School Board and its committees.

Reporting to the Principal, the Director is responsible for the financial and commercial operations of the school including fulfilling the role of Company Secretary, non-academic administration & human resources and all of the capital assets of the school. Key areas of focus will include ongoing projects, capital works, quality, risk, compliance, and the further development of systems and processes.

The ideal candidate will be a strategic and operational leader with demonstrated strong financial, risk and governance experience gained within a large independent school or similar environment. Presenting with a positive outlook and exemplary relationship and team-building skills, the successful candidate will display high energy and a hands-on approach to leadership and mentoring. High level organisational, planning, analytical and strategic thinking abilities will support a consultative decision-making style. The appointee will be aligned to the values and ethos of Woodleigh School, and take an active interest and participate in the life of the school. Relevant tertiary qualifications are essential.

Woodleigh School is an independent, coeducational school from 3-Year-Old ECC to Year 12 with three unique campuses, Minimbah, Penbank and the Senior Campus. Woodleigh School is a place that encourages students to be adventurous and independent thinkers.

Students and staff are provided with the opportunity, encouragement and resources to be the best they can be. The School provides an approach to education that emphasises academic achievement in an environment of respect for oneself, for others and for the environment, underpinned by a set of the values recognised as the Woodleigh Way.

Contact Fisher Leadership for more information.

Applications close

25 June 2021

​ Enrolments Assistant

Woodleigh School Senior Campus is seeking an Enrolments Assistant on a permanent full-time basis.

Position: Enrolments Assistant Campus: Senior Reports to: Director of Enrolments

Collaborates with: Enrolments Office, Community Team

Key Relationships: Enrolments Office, Community Team, Parents

Position Summary

The Enrolments Assistant provides support to the Director of Enrolments in procuring, processing, maintaining and confirming Applications for Enrolment to Woodleigh School. They are a key contributor to the overall operations of the Enrolments Office, particularly in relation to Senior Campus enrolments. They assist in the delivery of the Enrolments process with the aim to maximise school enrolments across all three campuses in a manner that reflects the vision, purpose and values of Woodleigh School.

Key Responsibilities

  • Be the first point of contact for prospective and future families, providing exceptional customer service. Respond promptly to all enrolment enquiries in a friendly, sensitive and professional manner.
  • Develop positive relationships with students and parents throughout all stages of the Enrolments process – from enquiry to commencement.
  • Build and maintain a sound working knowledge of the policies and procedures governing enrolment at Woodleigh School.
  • Develop an up-to-date, close working knowledge of Woodleigh School’s academic, co-curricular, community, camps and Activities programs.
  • Maintain enrolment records within the School’s databases, TASS and Funnel.
  • Accurately maintain enrolment spreadsheets, records and files.
  • Collate and prepare Enrolment Information Packs.
  • Provide administrative assistance in all aspects of the enrolments process, including
    • electronic mail-outs, data collection and data entry
    • scheduling Enrolment Interviews and preparation of interview files
    • preparation of Letters of Offer on behalf of the Principal.
  • Provide assistance in the preparation and presentation of enrolment events.
  • Conduct Campus Tours for prospective parents and their children.
  • Other duties as required.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate experience or skills in the following areas:

Selection Criteria

Experience and Skills:

  • Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of appropriate behaviours when engaging with children.
  • Must have excellent communication skills – both written and verbal.
  • Ability to present to parents and lead Campus Tours.
  • Show high professional and ethical standards for handling confidential information.
  • Show initiative and have the ability to problem-solve.
  • Display strong attention to detail.
  • Be able to multi-task, be flexible and able to manage changing priorities.
  • Have a strong work ethic and excellent time management skills.
  • Be a team player with a strong sense of community.
  • Solid knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams.
  • Solid knowledge of the web conferencing platform, Zoom.
  • Must have a minimum of five years’ experience working in a school or have similar experience in an administrative and/or Customer Service environment.

Education and Qualifications

  • Completion of VCE or equivalent

Personal Qualities

  • A commitment to Woodleigh’s Values of Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for the Environment
  • A commitment to the School’s co-curricular, experiential and outdoor education programmes
  • Ability to work effectively within a team
  • The determination to strive for personal best
  • A willingness to innovate and encourage the development of creativity

Conditions of Employment

  • A Working with Children’s Check is required for this position.
  • Woodleigh is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to appointing staff on the basis of merit.
  • At Woodleigh School, we have zero-tolerance for child abuse and are committed to acting in children’s best interests and keeping them safe from harm. All staff are to abide by the Child Safety Code of Conduct.
  • It is a condition of employment that all staff take responsibility for a safe and healthy work environment and have a commitment to equal employment opportunity and a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.
  • All staff are required to observe and uphold all of Woodleigh’s Privacy policies and procedures as implemented or varied from time to time.
  • Woodleigh operates a smoke-free work environment.


This is a permanent full-time position.

To Apply

Applications should be addressed to HR and submitted via Seek.

If you have any queries relating to this position please email Sally Hicks, Director of Enrolments –

Applications close 5pm Friday 25 June 2021.


Located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, Woodleigh School is an independent, coeducational school comprising two Junior Campuses, Minimbah in Frankston South and Penbank in Moorooduc and a Senior Campus in Langwarrin South.

At Woodleigh, education is focused on our commitment to the holistic development of every student. We provide a nurturing and challenging environment that supports students to build the knowledge, skills and dispositions that they will need to thrive at and beyond school. We aim to develop independent, resilient, creative and compassionate individuals who can find personal success in life while making a positive contribution to the communities in which they live.

At Woodleigh School, we see the development of academic learning, personal wellbeing, and student engagement as being interdependent. As a result, we promote the development of student outcomes across the essential elements of learning: the understanding of concepts, the acquisition of knowledge, the mastery of skills, the development of productive attitudes, and the ability to perform meaningful tasks in real-world settings. We understand that such deep learning is best cultivated in safe, supportive and respectful environments where students can take risks, question their assumptions, respond creatively, and explore new ways of thinking.

The Woodleigh Staff Member

An employee at Woodleigh School:

  • Encourages a culture of mutual respect, inquiry, innovation and learning
  • Places an emphasis on the 5 Elements of the Woodleigh model for Personalised Learning in their professional practice
    • Real-world learning
    • Assessment for learning
    • Life-long learning
    • Student agency, coaching and mentoring
    • Wellbeing and engagement
  • Communicates effectively with students and families about student learning and progress
  • Sets high academic achievement expectations
  • Identifies and supports students’ social, emotional, and behavioural learning needs
  • Facilitates, designs and engages with effective collaboration
  • Provides timely feedback and collaborates with others to offer specialised support

Woodleigh School is an equal opportunity employer. Woodleigh School is committed to a Child Safe school environment and has zero-tolerance for child abuse.