Camps and the IB Learner Profile

As a candidate school for the IB, and like all IB schools worldwide, Woodleigh values the IB Learner Profile. Central to the success of the IB in schools is the provision of opportunities for our students to develop the key attributes of the Learner Profile – and here at Woodleigh, one of the ways we do this through our unique Camps Program. Below are some real-world examples of how different attributes of the Learner Profile are developed on camp.


It’s pretty hard to put up a tent or cook a meal together if you can’t communicate clearly. Students on our Homestead Camps and the Year 9 Expedition learn the value of listening carefully to everyone’s perspective and collaborating effectively. Hattah provides a unique opportunity for students to negotiate and solve problems independently and to cope with the results of their decisions


Camp can be extremely rewarding, but there are times when we might miss home or feel challenged when we are outside our comfort zone. Students on Homestead Camps and the Year 9 Expedition learn that by showing empathy, compassion and respect to others on their camp, they can make a positive difference to their peers. Students on Hattah work as small team to negotiate the program together. Empathy and care is required in order for students to understand each other and to successfully make their way through the park.


Everyone’s sense of challenge is different, and on our camps, there are plenty of opportunities for our students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. It might be stepping onto a surfboard for the first time, getting to know new people, or scaling a mountain. Through each of these challenges, students learn that with determination and others' support, they can remain resilient and resourceful in the face of life's hurdles. Controlled risk is an integral part of Hattah. Students are given the skills to cope and the trust to make good decisions.


At Woodleigh, we try to help every student find and develop their passions. We believe that balancing different aspects of our lives; the intellectual, physical and emotional, can help us achieve wellbeing for ourselves and others. During Camp Week, students are exposed to many activities and immersed in nature. Through these experiences, we hope students develop an understanding of what helps them remain centred and calm.