Year 1 Update

What a busy but extremely productive start we have had to 2021. The saying, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’ certainly applies to the Year 1 classroom. The children have all settled in well, and it is now onwards and upwards as we head into the second half of the term.

It has been great to venture out in our official Discovery Day groups and explore our sites. It was beautiful to see the students work together in their new groups, exploring ‘our patch’ and use some of what we have been doing in class and applying it while we were out. We would love more parent helpers; please head to the Google Doc and add your name to the list if you get a chance.


The children are enjoying our current Unit of Inquiry with the central idea,

‘Exploring beliefs and values within the community helps people understand and make connections to people & places.’ Which is an inquiry into –

  • Diversity in communities (including families)
  • Beliefs and values that connect us to people & places
  • How we express our beliefs and values to connect to others.

We have shared and compared our own, our family’s, and the school’s values. We have created our classroom agreement, which will allow all of us to work and play together as a learning community. 

In the last few weeks of term, we will begin exploring the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How we organise ourselves with a specific focus on the central idea of ‘Why and how systems help communities’. We will explore a variety of systems within communities to discover what makes an effective system. The children will investigate how systems function, what connections there need to be and who is responsible for making the systems run smoothly. We will apply our theories and understandings to create a community.

Key concepts

  • Function
  • Connection
  • Responsibility

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into –

  • Systems in our classroom/school and the broader community
  • Why we need systems
  • How systems help communities function
  • The responsibilities people have within systems.
  • Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Counting forwards and backwards from 0 and non-zero starting points
  • Exploring how numbers can be created eg. 15 = 10+5, 20-5, 3x5, 30-15 etc.
  • Place value of two-digit and three-digit numbers
  • Problem-solving using addition and subtraction


So far this term, the children have focussed on –

Read, Write Inc.

The lessons are currently developing the children’s understanding of speedy sounds and how to segment and blend sounds, learning green words (high-frequency words), learning red words (non-decodable sight words), reading appropriately levelled decodable readers, handwriting and completing writing tasks. Their learnt knowledge is then transferred to their reading, writing and spelling. The program is designed to scaffold the children to succeed in reading and writing with confidence.


Our current writing focus has been on developing the children’s recount writing. The children are being encouraged to include the who, why, when, what and where in their writing. We are also developing our use of correct use of capital letters and full stops. 

We have also explored narrative writing, particularly the development of a story plot (beginning, middle and end), characters and settings.


We have been enjoying sharing ‘The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi’ within the classroom. They are loving listening to Tashi’s adventures and look forward to a daily chapter. The children are also being encouraged to read to themselves and others at various times throughout the day. 


In Numeracy, the children are developing their skills in –


  • Please make sure everything that your child brings to school is named to help return lost items to them.
  • Reading folders can be returned daily so that your child can choose new ‘Take Home Readers’. If you require more extended time with a reader, don’t stress – just know they can change them daily.
  • RWInc readers will arrive home every 3 or 5 days.

Key Dates

Week 7

  • 8 March Labour Day Holiday
  • 12 March School Photo Day             

Week 9

  • 24 March The Resilience Project Parent Webinar

Week 10

  • 1 April Penbank and Minimbah Picnic Sports Day
  • 1 April Term 1 concludes

Year 1 Class Teacher