PFG News Term 4, 2017

As we end Term 4 (wow, where has the time gone?!), we’d like to update everyone on what the PFG have been doing over the last six months and what we have planned for the coming six months. The PFG have committed to building and maintaining a sense of community within the school by facilitating school social events and providing support to parents and students in every year level.

All funds raised by the PFG are directly fed back into the school. We would love to hear your ideas on how to spend it! Please email us at

Thank you...

Kerrie Brodie


Somehow Kerrie manages to be there for staff, parents and students in all the ways they need her to be. Kerrie’s birthday was a perfect opportunity for the PFG to get her a gift and show her how much all her help is noticed and appreciated. We love you, Kerrie!

What does Kerrie enjoy most about working at Minimbah?

“Well, I love the atmosphere and feel that Minimbah has and this comes from the lovely families that we have here. The children make my day when they are in visiting me or getting an ice pack.”

Rod Davies

The only thing spooky about Rod is that he shares his birthday with Halloween! When we asked around for gift ideas for Rod the response we got is "he’s a foodie”. So, we found the perfect gift to surprise him with at assembly; a voucher to spend on food and wine at ‘Rare Hare’, Willow Creek Vineyard. Thank you, Rod, for all that you do and being the wonderful you!

What does Rod enjoy most about working at Minimbah?

I have always loved teaching and making a difference in the lives of my students. At Minimbah, I see the wonder and joy of learning every day. It’s the children and their spontaneity that brings out the best in me. I feel valued and appreciated by my staff, the children and the parent body. I am blessed to enjoy strong professional relationships with my peers and my Principal. Leadership at a school like Minimbah is a complete privilege because it allows me to positively influence people at a variety of levels. I never take this position for granted and I am humbled, proud and grateful to serve the Woodleigh Community.

Radyn Hoffman

Radyn has been an active and dedicated member of the PFG for 11 years! Thank you, Radyn, for all your support and we wish you and Luke many enjoyable Senior Campus ventures. We look forward to opportunities to see you again in the future.

What did Radyn enjoyed most about the PFG?

“Getting to know lots of parents from other year levels. Getting to know more teachers than your own child’s. It's a really nice way to feel more comfortable and welcome in the school.”

Community Support Funds

Funds in Action

Upgrade of the 3/4 playground

What the kids have to say:

  • “So much better now everyone uses it a lot more.” 
  • “Better to climb on.” 
  • “Much higher off the ground and you can jump off it.” 
  • “Better to play games on it because it is more like monkey bars.” 
  • “Easier to do flips on.” 
  • “Awesome, better than it used to be.” 
  • “Don’t know, I didn’t use it before."

ECC Rugs

We were thrilled to return from the holidays to find our beautiful, brand new rugs! A big THANK YOU to our wonderful Parents and Friends Group for purchasing these for our classroom – they look fantastic and are a big improvement on the outdoor rugs we have been using since our old rugs were removed. Sincere gratitude to Ang (Maisie's mum) and Danni (Max's mum) for coordinating the purchase of them! (Lisa Coxon)

What the children of The Cocoon have to say:

  • "Our new carpet is a present from the Parents and Friends Group, does anyone know what that is?" (Lisa)
  • "They go to a meeting." (Maisie)
  • "They talk about stuff." (Albie)
  • "Does anyone want to write a letter to the PFG to say thank you?" (Lisa)

Alannah, Albie and Max S. volunteer to help ... What should the letter say?

  • "Thank you for our mats." (Maisie)
  • "We will look after it." (Max S.)
  • "We like the colour." (Dane)
  • "It's fluffy." (Dallas)
  • "We have to eat at the table, not on the mat." (Isaac)

Future Funding Ideas

Locked in:

  • Resilience program to be implemented Term 1 2018
  • Art sculpture
  • Contribution to Year 6 Dinner

Tabled for discussion:

  • Second-hand uniform re-shaping
  • Woodleigh calico bags with shoulder straps for all students
  • Year 6 playground upgrade (Big $$ so school project, PFG option to contribute)

Events in Action

Minimbah Social night

The social night was about getting together and having a fun night. So needless to say, it was a success! The spinning wheel was the highlight of the night with some laughs and excitement to be had when great prizes were won! The formula was a good one – a relaxed local venue, live music, canapes, bar and great company… hope to see you at the next one!

School Disco

The school disco is a night of anticipated excitement that offers an enriching experience for the children. The Year 4s had the added valuable experience of decorating and running the disco.

What the Year 4s have to say about running the Disco:

  • “I liked the emoji idea and being part of the decorating. I liked working, how you got to serve people.”
  • “love it, really fun because I like organising things.”
  • “setting up the lights and doing the money bit was really fun.”
  • “I learnt to keep going even if you got it wrong.”
  • “seeing things, we made at the disco.”
  • “I liked making the emoji’s it was fun.”
  • “A lot of fun drawing the emojis.”
  • “Great, awesome, fantastic.”
  • “It was my favourite ever, ever in the world. We did dancing.”

Father’s Day Breakfast

Each year we revisit the idea of doing something different for the dads, but we always come back to the egg and bacon roll breakfast. It’s a tradition that just works. The dads and kids love it!

What the kids have to say:

  • “I like the cupcakes. I liked being with my dad.” 
  • “Get to have breakfast at school with your dad.” 
  • “I love the egg and bacon rolls.” (Love the honesty!) 
  • “Special time with dad and the photo.” 
  • “The egg and bacon rolls are really delicious. Get to take photos with your father that shows your happiness with your father.”

What the dads have to say:

  • “Good worthwhile thing to do. Get to watch your kids drip egg yolks down their hoodie!” 
  • “Fantastic! Love it! Great opportunity to be with the kids. One time of the year the kids get to have Milo – it’s a festival! Great way to celebrate Father’s Day.” 
  • “Love the photos, they go straight on the fridge.” 
  • “We were excited to get this year’s Father’s Day photo! The egg and bacon sandwich adds to the exceptional bonding experience. Thank you PFG for a wonderful job!”
Team Athletics Day

A hard-earned hunger! The kids appreciated a refuel with fruit platters after lots of fun and effort at the Team Athletics Day. If you want to get involved, look out for the 'Call out for parents to help cut the fruit'.

Mother’s Day Stall

The Mother’s Day stall is uniquely run at Minimbah. It’s not only about showing appreciation to all the mums and special friends for all that they do, it is also about student participation. The art of creating a gift uniquely made by them. This year, Year 5 and 6 students made the puddings as part of an elective activity called ‘My Pudding Rules’.

What the kids have to say about My Pudding Rules:

  • “Fun because you got to cook stuff but also learnt about it. When you are stirring a pot you always hold the handle otherwise it spills.” 
  • “Enjoyed it because you got to help make gifts for the Mother’s Day stall. Got to learn how to make pudding and I made new friends.”
  • “I liked that we made dessert and they were really yummy! Liked making gifts for the Mother’s Day stall.”

What the facilitators have to say about My Pudding Rules:

  • “So exciting watching the kids engaged and enthusiastically embracing everything with so much laughter. The kids were so appreciative and proud. It was so delightful watching them and I feel humbled to have been able to do the activity with them.” (Fifi Gardner, parent)
  • “I always love the opportunity of working with the students. Being able to support the PFG in their endeavours was also a rewarding experience. We had great fun each week making the puddings. Taste testing the final result was really excellent. We certainly hope our mums enjoyed their gifts which were made with love and masses of enthusiasm.” (Rod Davies) 

What the kids have to say about the Mother’s Day stall:

  • “Fun to design something for Mum.”
  • “Know Mum will appreciate it and like it because you made it.”
  • “I liked the one where you made the necklace. Would like to make my own thing on the day of the stall. Would like pictures and drawings to go with it.”
  • “I liked drawing and decorating the bags.”

What the parent helpers have to say about the Mother’s Day stall:

  • “Was chuffed that an old woman like me was asked to help! Loved it and being involved with the kids.”
  • “Cute watching the kids putting so much thought into what they chose. Cute to see the other side of the creative process.”
  • “It was fun to watch the children choosing their gifts and being so thoughtful. To be honest I have fun playing shops too!”

We love to tap into the expertise of the school community for Mother’s Day stall ideas. If you have ideas, resources or skills to offer please email:  

'Mums Supporting Families in Need' Fundraiser

The program is up and running and has been well received. Thank you for your donations. 

Future Events

Year 6 end of year dinner

Planning is underway for the Year 6 Dinner. On 24 November the Hall will be transformed for the celebrity Year 6s to arrive! It is always such a special and memorable night signifying a significant milestone for parents and children. Watch this space for some great photos next edition.                

Beach Picnic

The Beach Picnic is the annual end of year celebration. Mixing it up this year and heading to Bonbeach Life Saving Club. The PFG put on a sausage sizzle and Mr Roden entertains the kids with lots of beach fun activities.

  • F to Year 3 – Wednesday 6 December
  • Year 4 to 6 – Thursday 7 December

This is a really enjoyable event to be part of – let your class rep know if you can help on the day!

Comedy night

The much-loved Comedy Night has not been forgotten. Both the Fair and the Comedy night are intensive events to organise in terms of people power. It was decided to run both events biannually on alternate years. So, watch this space for details of the Comedy night for 2018!

Movie Night

Fun for the whole family! Watch this space for the upcoming Movie Night in March 2018.  

PFG involvement

The PFG is about strengthening our school community. We aim to enhance the schooling experience for the children and their families. This is done by working as a team. Whether this be as a committee member, a volunteer or a participant at an event you are a valuable member of our team! 

Due to other commitments, Michael Dillion and Jade Stubbs have stepped down from their co-ordinating roles in the PFG. They were both valued and appreciated members. We thank them both for their contribution and wish them the best with future endeavours.

Angela Jensz is kindly acting as Co-ordinator. The position of PFG Coordinator is open for interested people to apply.

It is a school requirement that all volunteers have a Working with Children's Check. If you don't have one and are planning on volunteering, please apply here: Working With Children Check.