The responsibility of Pastoral Care at Minimbah is of all staff but primarily of the classroom teacher who spends the most time with individual students. Support services within the area of pastoral care are the wider staff, administration team and the School counsellor.

Our approach focuses on the process of learning and lifelong endeavour to achieve the fullest education of a young person. Through our academic, outdoor, pastoral, extra-curricular and sports programs, we strive to develop in our students self-confidence, enthusiasm and independent thinking as assets for life.

Pastoral Care Goals

The Individual

  • Develop a detailed knowledge of the individual.
  • Enable students to achieve a self-knowledge.
  • Encourage students to accept and uphold those values endorsed by the School.
  • Acknowledge individual strengths.
  • Give students a sense of student empowerment.


  • Foster the ability to relate to others and an understanding of the responsibilities of living within a community.
  • Establish effective communication with each student’s family.
  • Foster citizenship in students.


  • Provide a safe, stable and supportive environment for students.
  • Reinforce school discipline codes and lifestyle behaviour.

At Minimbah, our aim is to create a welcoming and caring climate in which all members of the school community respect and uphold the dignity of each person.

We acknowledge the basic rights of all members of our community, regardless of age or status. These rights are fundamental to us treating one another with care and respect.

With rights come responsibilities. Schools by their nature are complicated social environments, but if we expect and trust that our rights are to be respected, then we must also acknowledge our responsibility to follow a code of behaviour that fits with those rights. We acknowledge a shared responsibility for parents, together with teachers to teach appropriate behaviour through a positive management approach.