Year 1 Update

It was so exciting to see the children in 'real-life' this week. I know the children were excited but let me tell you, I had a sleepless night last Sunday! I can't believe how tall they are, how long their hair is, and how many teeth have fallen out. I am so super proud of their efforts over this whole year but in particular during Term 3. The term, although challenging, could not have run as smoothly without your help. I am truly grateful for all of your efforts and support, and I think we can all rejoice and celebrate the children's growth and incredible achievements. None of us could have imagined what 2020 would hand us in our wildest dreams, but the experience has demonstrated the children's resilience, problem-solving skills, creativity, and determination. It has undoubtedly been a year to remember!

At the start of the term, we welcomed Ben and his parents, Melanie and Nick, into Year 1. We are enjoying getting to know Ben and sharing our love of Minimbah with him.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be finishing up our current inquiry unit through the transdisciplinary theme, 'Where we are in place and time.' Our central idea – 'Curating historical sources gives insight into stories of the past' has the children completing an inquiry into;

  • historical sources and what they convey about the past
  • how the past has shaped our family today
  • curating historical sources to tell stories about history.

The unit will culminate in the children's exhibition in the 'Year 1 Family Museum'. 

Later in the term, we will begin a unit of inquiry with the central idea 'Exploring how light and sound work enables people to use them as a form of expression' through the transdisciplinary theme How we express ourselves. It will be an inquiry into:

  • how light and sound work
  • how people use light and sound as a form of expression
  • using light and sound as a form of expression.

Throughout our Literacy sessions, we will be working on consolidating and developing our understanding in the following areas:

  • Oral language skills – speaking and listening through the use of questions.
  • Question development – what type of information can we get from asking questions? How do we ask questions, and what do we learn from asking questions?
  • Researching – learning the necessary skills required in researching
  • Grammar – sentence structure and punctuation 
  • Poetry – exploring the elements of poetry 
  • Comprehension – revising reading and understanding strategies
  • Handwriting – improving letter formation, placement of letters, and sizing.

Our Numeracy sessions will focus on the following concepts:

  • Money – counting, ordering, identifying Australian coins and notes
  • Shapes – revising 2D and 3D shapes
  • Symmetry – finding and creating lines of symmetry 
  • Probability – making predictions and decisions on what is likely, unlikely, inevitable, and impossible
  • Fractions – using halves and quarters to describe objects and groups
  • Number – general revision, consolidation, and extension of number concepts.

Time this year has flown! I look forward to spending the next eight weeks with the children learning, exploring, and discovering together in the classroom.

Year 1 Class Teacher