Year 2 Update

It was with great excitement that the Year 2 students gathered on their first day back at Minimbah. The joy with which they reconnected and the immediate rekindling of friendships was a delight to behold. Over our early few days together, we have been immersing ourselves in the stories of our time in lockdown, inspired by Woodleigh's work with Dr. Arne Rubinstein and the Rites of Passage Institute. We have discussed the importance of telling our own stories and how we might remember the happy moments, the challenges, and the surprises of our time in lockdown. As the Year 2 students have spent such a small amount of time together this year. The first week back was dedicated to refamiliarising ourselves with each other and routines, playing games to reconnect, and ensuring each student felt valued, safe, and welcome after such a long time away.

In the coming weeks, we will be diving into our new Unit of Inquiry – How We Express Ourselves. This unit's central idea is that materials can be used and combined in different ways for creative expression. Through this unit, we will be focusing on three attributes from the IB Learner Profile. Communicator, Inquirer, and Balanced, deepening our understanding of the concepts of Function (What is it like?), Connection (How is it connected to other things?), and Causation (Why is it like it is?). It was great fun spending our first Discovery Day back at school, acting as inquirers by researching, observing, and experimenting with natural materials and developing theories around how natural colours work and can be used.

Our English language learning will centre around imaginative texts. Students engaged in creating creative texts and using comprehension strategies to deepen their understanding of the critical concepts above and the books we share. 

In Maths, we will continue our work with fractions, learning how fractions are a part of a whole and how common fractions can be represented symbolically, pictorially, and as a part of a collection of objects. 

I am so excited to have everybody back together again and genuinely enthusiastic about the term ahead.

Year 2 Classroom Teacher