2022 Senior Production – ‘Almost, Maine’

Exciting News!

Woodleigh School is proud to announce that this year’s senior production is the wonderful play by John Cariani – ‘Almost, Maine’.

This full-length play is a series of nine stories that happen in a remote town in Maine called ‘Almost’. Each story takes place at 9pm on a Friday night, as the magical northern lights appear in the sky.

There is romance, heartbreak, pathos and comedy, as nine different couples explore what it means to love and be loved.

Staff and students are working hard to ensure that COVID doesn’t impact this show, so We launched the production (auditioned and cast) at the end of 2021. This meant we could jump straight into rehearsals, aiming and to film as we go, so that we can stream the performance in the event of a lockdown. We have an amazing cast with 19 characters and a large student crew. We also have a brilliant five-piece student band writing original music for the play.

During the first school week of 2022, we all got together to read through the play after school. It was an unusual first rehearsal – as we worked outside, with many students in masks. In this session, everyone got a feel for the wonderful interplay of dialogue and laughed out loud at the clever comic moments. The crew began to familiarise themselves with the play and started to work together to brainstorm ideas about the design elements.

Tickets will go on sale later in the year, but for now, put the 24th and 25th of August 2022, on your calendars. ‘Almost, Maine’ is certain be a highlight of the Woodleigh School 2022 school year.

Y10 Marketing and Publicity ‘Almost, Maine’