Year 3 update

As the cars arrived on Monday morning, it was so wonderful to see the huge smiles and nervous chatter of the Year 3 students, reminiscent of the first day of a school year. Their heavily loaded back-packs only dwarfed by their incredible growth spurts over the year. The iPad cameras had been deceptively hiding how much your children have grown, and while in Term 1, I was presented with children just out of Year 2, I now see a class of students who are ready to launch into Year 4. We also welcomed two excellent new students to team 3K, Amelia and Oscar. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to them both!

Learning in Term 4

'Creativity' is at the centre of our Inquiry learning for this term as students examine different ways of expressing their beliefs and emotions. Our primary focus is to investigate how people use creativity to convey meaning and connect with others. As you encounter examples in media and day-to-day life, please consider joining with their school learning. If you have a creative outlet or talent, please consider sharing this with your child and our class!

Lines of Inquiry:

  • how people use creativity to express meaning
  • how people connect with others through creative expression
  • using our imagination to express sense & connect with others.

In Numeracy, we will be undertaking learning tasks related to:

  • revision of Multiplication / Division understandings from Term 3
  • volume, mass, and capacity.
  • fractions, naming, and identifying fractions of a whole and a group.

In Literacy, we will be undertaking learning tasks related to:

  • imaginative texts - narrative writing; structure and form
  • use of language to create mood and tone
  • adhering to a defined editing/drafting process.

Specialist Timetable Term 4:







Physical Education


Explore Day













3/4 Sport




Reminder: All students must wear official school hats every day of Term 4. (sunscreen is provided; please pack personal variants for sensitive skin)

Sports Uniform: 

Tuesday and Friday. In Term 4 from Week 2, there will be the potential for swimming to be held on Tuesdays or Fridays. 

The children are involved in mixed year level sports and Physical Education. During Term 4, it is advisable to have your child ready for these sessions by including bathers, a rashie, and a towel on sports days and for PE. While it is weather dependent on the day, Mr. Roden uses the pool when warm enough and occasionally includes the class out of their regular sports sessions. Your children can come dressed in their sports clothes (some have their bathers on underneath) on any days that they are rostered for sport or PE. Students also participate in Team sports as part of the Year 3/4 Sports program in mixed groups with the Year 4 students.

Explore Thursdays 

The Explore program is back on Thursdays in Term 4 and will involve a lot of work to restore our wonderful Year 3/4 gardens. The Garden component of Explore Day is run by our resident teacher with Phil Thomas's green thumb (Mr. T). Your child will need to wear old clothes and shoes for Garden as we are very hands-on and will be using items such as paint, mortar, and fertilizers. It is also recommended that you purchase a pair of well-fitted gardening gloves. We have supplied them in the past but found that 'one size fits all' is not always fitting.

Food / Birthdays

Students will eat at three different times throughout the day. Fruit/Veg snack, Recess, and Lunch (all to be consumed outside). Unfortunately, there is no access to the canteen, fridge, microwave, or sandwich press. Personal drink bottles are essential as there is no access to communal drinking taps.

There is also to be no shared food at school. This affects our fruit platters and birthday sharing options. If you wish, students can still bring in individually wrapped items to share with their classmates. Think 'party bag' style rather than a container of cupcakes. (22 students). If your child has a food allergy, please prepare an alternative wrapped and labelled treat that I can store, and they can enjoy it when there is a spontaneous celebration.

If you are having a birthday party, and not all classroom children are invited, please do not bring invitations to school but instead contact parents directly. An updated contact list was sent home Monday. Please let me know if you need another copy.

Year 3 Classroom Teacher