Years 3-4 group news

Hello families! We hope this Group News finds you healthy, happy, headstrong, and not too hectic! It has been a jam-packed term for all. We've had plenty of fun and laughs this term, working together to keep the mood light and spirits healthy. Year 3 have taken part in a Harry Potter-themed day, as well as Dog Day Tuesday. What a treat to have so many dogs at school! To top it all off, Book Week was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Well done to Anne for putting it all together!

Unit of Inquiry

Year 3 

Has finished up our focus on the transdisciplinary theme, Where we are in place and time. Our new theme, How the world works, will allow the students to analyse the human body and its network of interconnected systems and its requirements and processes. In a short unit, I will encourage students to take ownership of their learning in how they choose to respond to the inquiry. I am looking forward to seeing how they use their interests and curiosity to shape their knowledge throughout the unit.

Year 4

I'm incredibly proud of the children for tackling their second Research Project while learning remotely. The challenge for all has been far and wide. Still, with perseverance and determination, the students all managed to research a person or event that was important to them, compile a presentation and finish off by presenting to the group on Zoom. Here's Milly to share her reflection with us. 

"These last couple of weeks in our unit of inquiry, we focused on where we are in place and time we were put into groups focusing on what we were going to inquire on and discuss some of our ideas and questions and put them into a presentation.

Most of the class presented the presentation on there own, but Harriet and I stayed in our group and did a play on Elizabeth the second's life. It was a challenge, but it was enjoyable Harriet played Elizabeth as a young Queen, and I played her as the older Queen.

We had to make an I movie with some videos of scenes, and we were the only people to do this.

Other people focused on WWII, Ned Kelly, Princess Diana, William the Conqueror, and lots more. At the start of this project, we concentrated on Captain Cook and did some projects on him before starting to do it on our own or in groups. In the last week of inquiry, we all presented our presentation. When Harriet and I explained to ours, everyone loved it. By the end of that week, on Friday, Hannah announced that we had a two-day break before our new project lots of people were excited lots were tired, but to end the project, Hannah played some music, and we all danced."


Year 3

Sentence writing with accurate punctuation remains a focus, including apostrophes to indicate possession and contraction words. Inspired by Olivia and Year 2, recently, Year 3 has been using a tool called Padlet. Weekly, students are encouraged to record themselves reading. Reading aloud can develop students' fluency, intonation, volume, expression, and the general bio-mechanics of reading. It's a real pleasure to hear students read aloud. Special mention must be made to James, who always involves his little sister Zoe in his reading aloud session. What a lovely treat, having a sibling to share a good book!

Year 4

Book Week is always one of our favorite celebrations at Penbank, and this year felt even more special for being online. Here's what Mathew had to say about Book Week.

"This Book week at Penbank was fantastic.

Our teachers got together and read and acted out the book - Hector and the Big Bad Knight by Alex T. Smith.

The characters were;

  • Katherine as Hector
  • Justin as Granny
  • Pete as the Big Bad Knight 
  • Matt as the dragon
  • Hannah, Matt, Anne, Lisa, Lauren, Pete, Mick, and Britt as the town folk.

The story begins when the Big Bad knight steals Granny's wand and becomes very powerful and summons a Dragon, but it had other plans, he decided to eat the Knight.

The Knight ran away, and Hector leaped into action and grabbed the wand, and gave it back to Granny. The town folk were so happy, but the Knight was not because he had to pick up poo. 

This book week was fabulous because I got to see all the teachers dressed up and worked together.

I would rate it 10/10 because it was hilarious."


Year 3

Measurement of area and perimeter is our current focus. It's been fabulous to use BrainingCamp online for virtual manipulatives, allowing students to use various apps to explore and show their understandings. We will also continue to focus on multiplication and division as we continue towards the end of this term.

Year 4

During this online learning period, the children have spent a large amount of time learning on their own and have been missing playing math games together. So we have been sure to include a balance of skills-focused lessons and fun games for the children to learn and play together! Here is Lorne, reflecting on maths games. 

It is so fun learning through games. I like it because sometimes we get to work in groups. Here is a game called Ant Arrau Battles. It is a game to help us work on our time tables. Here is a picture. 

When we play games, we include other learning like in this game; I had to teach some other people how to play the game through a procedural process. Working together as a team means we can learn more by sharing as a team.  

CAMP DAY Monday 7 September 

Here's Harry to let you know about an upcoming theme day. 

"On Monday, the years 3 and 4 were going to go to Alexandra Adventure camp, but we could not go, but year 4 would do some fun camp actives.

We are not happy that we could not go, but we did go to Philip island that was lucky, but this is not the only camp we will go on. There is a lot more to go. This is some of the stuff we did at Philip island.

Some of the stuff we will do on the camp day is knotting, cooking, a talent show, and playing outdoors.

We are going to have a lot of fun on camp day 👍"

Parent Information 

We hope you enjoyed the fantastic information provided by Lael Stone during her 60-minute workshop on supporting your children with remote learning.  

The workshop included: 

  • Tips and strategies to assist parents manage remote learning.
  • Practical strategies to build stronger connections with your children.
  • Ideas to support your children when they are frustrated or going through challenging situations.
  • Preparing kids and parents for puberty and the transition into the teenage years.
  • Simple ways to create co-operation. 
  • Dealing with our triggers as a parent. 
  • Understanding big emotions and feelings and assisting your kids in becoming emotionally resilient. 

Lael Stone is an educator, author, mother, and experienced childbirth and parenting professional with a background in birth education and pre and postnatal counselling.

The school offered the workshop; however, if you missed out, you can find more information about his education offers here:

Welcome to our new parents!

We thought it was about time to welcome our new families to Penbank formally! 

From Year 4, we have: 

Natalie and Mathew - Ruby 
Anna and Steve - Robbie 
Sharon and Gordon - Mia-Bella
Caitlin - Archie 

We hope you feel as welcome as your children do as they now feel very much part of the team.