Year 6 update

It is with overwhelming relief and happiness that we find ourselves back at school, ready to get stuck into a jam-packed Term 4. We are re-imagining every event and lesson to comply with the rules around CoVid-19 but rest assured that we will be marking the students' final days of primary school with the respect and joy they deserve. Here is a rundown of our key learning for this term:


  • TEP Talks – Developing skills in writing' exposition,' as well as formal speaking and listening techniques
  • Graduation Speeches – these rites of passage will help students develop the appropriate vocabulary for personal reflections, as well as understand the use of extended metaphors
  • The Lion King – this will provide an opportunity to practise rehearsing and speaking with expression and encourage rigour with learning lines. We will also be fully engaged in understanding and creating media texts through film production, emphasising storyboarding, planning, and visual storytelling.


  • Our focus this term is to review and consolidate topics that we have covered throughout the year. We will also address areas of the curriculum that, as a whole, would assist the class in feeling confident about moving into Year 7.
  • Now that we are back in the classroom, Individual Maths Goals will continue using Maths Online, though we can now use other maths resources on a student-by-student basis. Weekly check-ins will continue to support ongoing, iterative improvement.


Carrying on from the end of Term 3, our current unit of Inquiry is: How we express ourselves, with the central idea of:

People use creativity to convey meaning and connect with others

This is an inquiry into:

  • How people use creativity to express meaning
  • How people connect with others through creative expression
  • Using our imagination to express sense & connect with others

TEP Talks

The focus for TEP Talks this year is 'How do I express myself?' and 'How do I connect with others through my self-expression?'. Through drafting, writing, and compiling their presentations, students have been encouraged to be introspective and question what it is to be expressive. The avenues of self-expression are so varied, from motor racing to music to humour. The students' goal is to share their unique experience of self-expression and creativity, explain it to their audience, and inspire the audience to connect with their interest or passion. We will present the TEP Talks in our Minimbah Studio across Week 3. We will be filming each speech and will make these available for you to view at home.

The Lion King

Through our production of The Lion King, students have the opportunity to express themselves, impart meaning, and connect with others. The show will provide all students with the chance to engage with the filmmaking and storytelling process elements. They express themselves through characterisation, voice, and movement. They impart meaning by telling the story and connecting with the audience through the emotion, perspectives, and humour presented in the performance. Recording and filming for The Lion King will begin in Week 3 and continue through Week 4.

There may be occasions this term when we ask the students to continue work on a task or activity at home. It may involve revising work done at school or completing something, which is necessary for an activity. Also, a reminder that Maths Goals work through Maths Online and personal reading is both ongoing tasks, some of which can be done at home.

With the comings and goings of this term, we call on the students to be well-organised with their equipment and schedules. We would love your support in this endeavour!

We look forward to working together with you in our last term,

Year 6 Classroom Teachers