A Busy Term in Foundation! Term 1 2022

​What a busy first term we have had in Foundation! The past ten weeks have flown by, and the children have grown and learned so much. They are becoming very independent and confident at school now. They were fantastic on stage at their first Assembly last week. I am sure you were all as proud as Georgy and I were!


Our focus has been on developing number concepts and number sense this Term. We have worked on the number sequence, one-to-one correspondence, cardinality, and subitising. We will begin to explore the relationships that connect numbers using language such as more than, less than, and the same or equal next Term. We will also explore shapes and learn to describe different shapes based on their properties. If you are looking for some fun outdoor maths activities to do over the holidays as a family, you might like to watch this short video for some ideas!


The children are doing so well with the sounds during 'Read Write Inc' sessions. They are becoming competent at recognising each sound that we are learning, forming it correctly, and blending the sounds to read words, or as we call it, 'Fred Talk.' We have played a game called 'Write My Word' in class where I 'sound out' a three-letter word with the letters we know so far, i.e., b-e-d, and the children write a sound at a time to make the word. Your child might like to play this at home with you over the break.

Unit of Inquiry

In this final week of our unit of inquiry, we have focused on building relationships with others and how our actions can affect others. We read a beautiful story about being open-minded and respecting others called "The Smeds and the Smoos" by Julia Donaldson. We have also used our 'Mini Me' pegs to model what respectful and inclusive play looks like at school. Next Term, we will begin a new unit of inquiry all about living things.

Creek Day

Thank you to the parents that have already volunteered to help us at the creek next Term. There is a sign-up sheet on our classroom door if you are interested in helping. You will need to sign in with Kerrie and show her your current Working With Children Check and vaccination status.

Thank you so much for your support and partnership this Term. Wishing you all a wonderful, relaxing break.

Kind regards,

Foundation Teacher