Aboriginal Partnership Opportunities 2020

In 2020 we will be continuing our partnerships with the Aboriginal Communities of Laynhapuy in North East Arnhem land and Ampilatwatja in the Central Desert. These reciprocal exchanges have existed for more than ten years.

We will be visiting Arnhem Land in Activites Week, August, Term 3.

Our Ampilatwatja visit is run as part of the Broadening Horizons program, at the end of Term 4 and Ampilatwatja school will be coming to us at the end of Term 3. (You are not expected to host students at your home).

These communities are not accessible to tourists. They are remote places that we have been granted permission to visit. For Woodleigh students the experience is unique and life changing.

This is a chance for students in Years 9, 10 and 11 to immerse themselves in 60,000+ years of culture. A chance to live with and learn about Australia’s first people. A chance to appreciate and understand more fully where we come from – this country, Australia.

There are seven spots available for Laynhapuy and nine for Ampilatwatja. Students will need to apply early for a chance to be included in one of the 2020 partnerships.

For more information see Ms Saunders in Jago, fill out the Expression of Interest Form and drop it off at reception, or email it to Ms Saunders – 

Director of Indigenous Education

Karen And Mira Photo