Push Up Challenge

Today I joined the 'Push For Better Challenge'. My goal is to do 3,046 push ups in 21 days to raise awareness about mental health and to challenge myself physically. 
Anita L

I have just started the 21 day push up challenge with my dad. 
Charlotte T

Make and Create Eco Stickers

It was really fun, and I was surprised at how well it worked. 
Ava D-B

ABSoGLUTELY Fabulous Fitness Activity

We facetimed each other while doing this Activity. We really enjoyed it! 
Mikaylah L and Mia A

Lego Legends Challenge - Beat Mr Pax! 

I LOVE LEGO! I did a 30-minute challenge recently and I think I did beat Mr Pax today.
Rebecca J

Woodleigh Eco Warrior Series

This particular Activity I focussed on Biodiversity. It is helping us become more aware of how we are capable of growing our own produce. It is not just the veggies that matter- the flowers have a big part to play too. Bees are attracted to flowers and when the bees pollinate the flowers, they pollinate the veggies too. The key to a good garden bed it to have lots of life! 
Lily C

Random Acts of Kindness

I liked doing this because it made me feel good about being nice. 
Saskia Mc

This was a great chance to be kind and be grateful, my family also really enjoyed this experience! 
Poppy M

I made some food for my family and they all enjoyed it. 
James S

Drawing with Found Objects

I used the shadow of a pair of scissors for inspiration of a drawing. 
Alexandra M

Weaving with Nature

I weaved with lemongrass; it was a very easy material to weave with considering it is a plant.
Kate S

Letter Writing

I wrote full page letter to my cousin and really enjoyed doing it too. 
Mikaylah L