Cook the Perfect 'Sunny Side Up' Egg! 

It was really fun and yum  Matilda G 

I ate the one with pepper and I gave the other one to my mum because she always makes me a cup of tea at night and on weekends she makes me eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Tabitha P                  

I have become an egg MASTER  Miller V

Bebras Mini Challenge - Pattern Recognition

It was interesting to do this challenge, I didn't do amazing, but it was still fun.  Kate S    

Bike Maintenance 101         

I chose this Activity because I love bikes and I wanted to see if I could learn something new. Morgan T

Brain Teaser #2 - Can you Beat Mr Pax?         

Wow the first few were easy then it got hard... if Mr Pax can do this, he is a skilled professional. Miller V

Camp Pizza     

I chose this to learn different and easy ways to cook meals on camp and because it was lunch time. Jack W

Environmental Art - Andy Goldsworthy Style!   

I really enjoyed this Activity it was a great chance to get outside! Poppy M

Family Hopscotch                

Playing hopscotch was really fun, but I still didn't manage to stop my bother from winning (to be fair I did lose my balance a lot!).  Rebecca J                

Fitness Workout from Wales

I chose this Activity because it was a sunny day and I could use some outdoor time away from the screen. It was fun, and I'll definitely use this circuit again sometime. Tia B     

It was so good, I couldn't keep a straight face at all while trying to do the exercise, best kind of work out there is! Rebecca J   

Growing Veggies from Scraps

I started growing an avocado plant. I chose this because I wanted to learn more eco-safe ways and use all parts of the foods that I use. Kate S

I did it Monday and I liked it so I did it again. Sophia B

iPhone-ography 101 - Part 5: Viewpoint        

I enjoyed this Activity as I was able to go outside and appreciate nature. Amelia E                 

I took a picture from the viewpoint of an ant. Tabitha P

iPhone-ography 101 - Part 8: Reflection

This was fun to do, especially on a sunny warm day! Poppy M

Knitting & The Beanie Festival 2021 Preparation

I am learning how to knit a beanie. Charlotte T               

Letter & Number Challenges

I chose this Activity because it looked like fun and I enjoyed all of it basically. Louis C

This Activity was fun and challenging Jacob B      

It was really hard to do all the calculations, but I think I got the number in the end.  Rebecca J                  

Mr G's Favourite Card Trick

The card trick is really cool can't wait to show my family. Matthew B                   

I picked this because I thought it would be fun and it was. Annabella C  

Mr Pax's Cooking Challenge - Can you Beat Mr Pax?

I chose the cooking Activity because I love to cook and it’s really fun. Lily L  

Origami #2

I made some butterflies  Nina K

I made a mass box and matching lid. It was much easier than I thought it would have been! Ella J       

I made a little bit of origami. It was frustrating for a bit, but I just had to be patient.  Kate S      

Pente Strategy Board Game

I chose this Activity because it seemed fun and a good way to pass time. Matthew B 


Rainbow Art   

I did this Activity to have a break from my computer and was a quick drawing but it was good and I finished it off in the next session.
Mia A

Rubik's Cube Challenge

Once you know how to do it, I found it easy.
Charlie B 


It was fun and it’s really easy to get something to sound okay because you can just randomly play notes.
Matthew B                   

It was hours of fun.
Charlie B

Stop Motion Animation #1

I chose this Activity as I am still working on part two of my lego Star Wars stop-motion video that I started last week, I will finish it very soon.
Joshua L

Touch Typing Lessons & Games

I chose this Activity as I would like to improve the speed of my typing.
Xander M


It was fun. Typatone is a really cool and nice website. It is interesting and you can do lots of funny things on it as well!
Danny A

I loved it the way the music worked it was calm and peaceful and I got to do something positive
Miller V

Vegan Chocolate Cup Cakes

They were really yum!
Nina K