2 Ingredient Dough Demo

This was a super fun easy Activity that made some delicious lunch for the family.
Rebecca J

I thought it was really fun trying a new dough recipe. I made cinnamon scrolls with the dough.
Milla L

Art in the Reserve: Portraits

I enjoyed sketching my picture the most. 
Tia B

Baking Banana Bread

The banana bread was tasty.
Bridie H

Today I made banana bread. We had some bananas about to go bad, so I made use of them during Activities.
Kate S

Instead of making banana bread me and my mum made apple and cinnamon muffins.
Charlotte T

Ball Games for Fun and Fitness

I chose Ball Games for Fun and Fitness because I like to play outdoors.
Jack D

Brain Teaser #3

I found it fun and I tested my mum as well.
Jack W

Build Your Own Cat Fort

I didn't get time to decorate it. My cat gives it a 7/10, her name is Muffy and she is 5 years old.
Tabitha P

Card Tricks #2 - Scotteroo's Beginners Card Tricks

I can't wait to try these with my family!
Ella J

Change Your Appearance with Photoshop

I chose this Activity as I would really like to learn Photoshop.
Xander M

Choc Mint Gummies

I picked this Activity for an easy, healthy and quick snack.
Jack W

Cooking Pancakes with Shinky!

I thought cooking Shinky's perfect pancakes was a really fun Activity, and really delicious!
Milla L

Cook the Perfect 'Sunny Side Up' Egg

This was a super fun Activity. It's really hard to cook an egg and getting it off the pan was definitely the hardest part. 
Rebecca J

I chose it because I wanted to make my sister and I breakfast this morning, I enjoyed knowing that I can now cook a perfect sunny side up egg. 
Liv McK


I have been growing chia seed sprouts for about a week. It was cool to watch them progress from seeds to sprouts. 
Poppy M

Get Arty with Your iPad

It was really fun to try digital drawing.
Rani J

Gratitude Rock Painting

I found this Activity quite calming and enjoyable.
Matthew B

iPhone-ography 101 - Part 12: Artistic Photography

This took me a while to rig up. It is supposed to represent the feeling of being trapped like a fish and looking out at the world outside.
Tabitha P

Juice Challenge

I chose it because I really felt like a juice and it was great.
Liv McK

Learn to Juggle with Mr G

I always wanted to learn how to juggle, I never could but now I can.
Kate S

Mindful Colouring

I chose this Activity because I found a cool colouring sheet and I thought I could try it. I enjoyed seeing the finished product most.
Declan B

I chose this Activity because it is relaxing and calming, as well as making you focus more.
Annabelle N

Music Technology - Explore Chrome Music Lab Experiments

I thought that this was a really fun Activity - simple but so much to explore.
Annabella C

Paper Plane Challenge

I really enjoy making and flying paper aeroplanes, so it was really fun.
Anika G

Play Your Favourite Family Games!

We made a swing off a tree; it was a great day to get outside!
Amelia E

Sensational Sushi

I love sushi and I have made it once before, but I wanted to be better and eat more so I chose to do it during Activities.
Annabella C

I learnt how to make good sushi with mums help.
Ted M

Touch Typing Lessons & Games

I have always typed with whatever finger I choose so I think if I learn to type properly it may help me to type faster. 
Milla L


I loved it a lot. My friends and I all hopped on a call and sent each other lots of nice and funny Typatones. 10/10.
Danny A

This was an interesting session and I enjoyed it.
Mia A

I really enjoyed this as it involved music that was calm, and I could enjoy writing.
Miller V

Virtual Tour of the World!

It was really fun, and the help of my little brother made the experience even better.
Mazzi M

Woodleigh Crossword Puzzle - Can You Beat Mr Pax?

I chose the Activity because it was fun, simple and I enjoy crosswords.
Miller V

Yoga & Meditation

I liked having some quiet time to myself.
April S

I enjoyed being relaxed.
Meika D

Yummy Mac and Cheese Bake

I chose this because I like cooking and developed some handy cooking skills.
April S