I recently started trying archery on my own and wanted to get better, so I chose Archery and Other Olympic Sports for my first Activity. I have learned better skills in archery and will remember the games we played in the last session. My funniest moment was watching someone firing three arrows at once. Thomas N


I chose Beach Games and Fitness for my first Activity because I love sport and I especially love ball games - I have been playing soccer since I was four years old.  During the sessions, I learnt teamwork, patience, fun, hard work, and resilience. My most memorable moment was when we had a beach soccer game, and I scored a couple of goals. I loved this Activity. Tilly B


Brian Henderson Reserve was my first Activity, and I chose this as I enjoy being in the outdoors in a beautiful Australian environment. I learned about teamwork, animal feeding, and many more exciting facts about flora and fauna of our wonderful land. What I will remember about this Activity is the sheer amount of time spent out in the reserve exploring. Thomas C

For my first Activity, I wanted to work with the amazing animals in the Brian Henderson Reserve.

I learnt how to give a quoll tick treatment, what the animals eat, and find my way around the reserve. I will remember most about this Activity was the quolls, especially Savannah (the quoll) running around. Isobel C

I chose the Brian Henderson Reserve for my Unit 1 Activities because I love anything to do with nature and wildlife. I gained a lot of knowledge, for example, how to identify different types of weeds and how to build a basic fence. It put a smile on my face when I got to pat the quolls, especially the blind one Savannah. Overall, it was a great learning experience, and I found it fun and exciting to be a part of. Safari M


Amazing! I loved creating comics. I have always wanted to make a comic the professional way. It was great to make new friends in this Activity. My funniest moment was when I made a mistake and freaked before realising that it wasn't permanent. I was just sketching. Angelo P

I chose this Activity as I love comics and movies and drawing very much. I learned that when writing a comic, it has to be big and powerful, and you have to use exaggerated words like Kapok! Smash! and Pow! I also learned some new drawing skills. The Activity was fun, and making up characters you can go wild. The funniest thing was when we all had to do our scripts, and we were all talking about what could happen. We had mad ideas. Anthony P


I chose Creative Chillax for my first Activity as I wanted to make art. I learnt how to paint a phone case properly, and I made a lot of drawings. My funniest moment was when I accidentally stuffed up one of my drawings by smearing paint on it. Isabelle C


I have never played real cricket, but I love to go down to nets in my town and play cricket with my friends, so I thought Outdoor Cricket would be good for my first Activity. The skills I learnt were when to attack the ball when batting and how the game is played. Harry I

I wanted to do the Outdoor Cricket Activity because I like playing cricket and backyard cricket. I learnt how to catch a real cricket ball without breaking my hand. My favourite memory was when I bowled an off-seam to my friend, and I middle-stumped him. Angus S


I chose this Activity as I enjoy debating and thought it would be a cool thing to do. During the sessions, I learnt the skills of debating, teamwork, and fluency. My favourite memory was when we were playing the "If I ruled the World" game. Hywel M


I chose Glam Up My Room as my first Activity as I love DIYs. The skills I learnt were how to make a Kokedama ball, terrariums, clay work, and not giving up. I made many new friends, and my funniest moment was when my friend and I realised we had been doing the macramé wrong the whole time. Juliette L


I chose this Activity as my granddad is a photographer, and I wanted to get on the same page as him.

I learned how to be good at photography, and I also learnt patience when waiting to get a good photo. I got a close shot at a flower. Micah L

I wanted to do the Photography Activity to learn more about art in different forms and learn more about photoshop and Lightroom to edit photos. I learnt to double-check what photo I took and to ask others for help if needed. I will remember the opportunity that I was given. I enjoyed it a lot. Grace N

I enjoy photography, and I wanted to learn to make my photos better, so I chose this for my first Activity. I learnt angling, patience, and how to express my creativity better. I will never forget the feeling of when I got an amazing photo. It was really fun to learn Photoshop. Rachel T


The Music and Theatre Technology Activity seemed intriguing, and I love musical theatre, so I chose it as my first Activity. I learnt how to use the lighting in the hall, along with the audio console, and how to mic up different instruments and the lectern. It was amazing!! I loved my first Activities unit! Tobi C


Short Film Production was my first Activity, and I chose it because I love being creative, and I wanted to learn how to use Premiere Pro. I learnt basic Premiere Pro tools, teamwork, and cooperation. It was great to make a movie with my mate. My funniest memory was when my friend dressed up as a mother. It was a fun Activity but also challenging. Edward L

I thought this was a good idea for my first Activity because I like movies and series, and I like making up my storylines. I learnt how to use Premier Pro and how to use lights and things around you. Tobias E


I wanted to learn more about marine life and the creatures near where I live, so I chose this for my first Activity. I learnt how to snorkel as well as how to be organised and on time. My favourite memory was when my partner and I saw the massive stingray that was underneath us. Trying to walk in flippers was funny, so too was when my friend picked up a cushion starfish, thinking it was a rock. Allegra M

I enjoyed water sports and was excited to go snorkelling around some lovely beaches on the Mornington Peninsula. I learned a lot about organisation and also how to problem solve, i.e., when forgetting gear or being in a scary situation. I also built stronger connections with my peers. I remember when my partner and I spent about 20 minutes trying to find a ray one day only to look back and realise there was one right where we started, we just weren't looking closely enough. I really have enjoyed Activities so far and am grateful for the experience to do snorkelling. Maya W


I love animals, and I have horses so I thought it would be a great activity to do! I learnt about teamwork, animal handling, how to raise chicks, and how to look after certain animals. What I will remember most was trying to walk goats on a leash and training Seiba to do agility! It was awesome! Esther F

I enjoy looking after animals, and I thought this Activity would be fun because of the upcoming goat show. I learned how to hold a stick insect to respect animals more, and I got to wash multiple miniature goats with soap which was fun, even though it was hard since goats don't want a bath. Isla G