Activities Update

10,000 Step Challenge

I enjoyed this Activity because it is another way of encouraging students to get out and exercise.
Joshua L

It was good to get off the computer and get active.
Ted M

Brain Teasers - Can You Beat Mr Pax?

It was a really fun Activity; I love those kinds of logic puzzles.
Danny A

I enjoyed the brain teasers a lot, some of them were very hard though.
Braeden V

CrEaTiVe Writing

I liked learning new words that start with the same letter and mean the same thing.
Lilly C

Draw Your Own Mandala

It was very calming and nice to do after a big day of zoom
Rebecca J

I was in a creative mood so I chose this Activity. I really enjoyed it and it was really relaxing.
Mikaylah L

I chose this Activity because I thought it would be fun and I learnt how to fix up a mistake in petal sizes
Mazzi M

Doing my own mandala was very calming plus it was very fun
James S


I chose this Activity because my mum wanted help in the garden so I picked this.
Jack W

Gratitude Rock Painting

I had such a blast doing this Activity, I got to be really creative and used the sunset as my source
Anita L

This Activity was a lot of fun, I haven't painted in a while so it great to bring back a new hobby!
Poppy M

Growing Veggies from Scraps

I thought that it would be interesting to see how vegetables would grow from waste.
Gabriel F    

iPhone-ography 101 - Part 4: Scale

I loved doing this Activity, it was pretty easy but the end product was still hilarious and impressive. I will be sure to try this again, it’s my favourite Activity so far.
Danny A

Jump Rope for Heart

It was really fun and I learnt new jumps
Charlee L

I chose this Activity because for today’s exercise I was planning on doing skipping.
Liv M

Knitting & The Beanie Festival 2021 Preparation

I chose this Activity because I'm making a beanie for my grandpa.
Rani J

Letter Writing

I wrote a letter to my grandma, to keep her informed and entertained 💕😁
Alexandra M

Make a Reusable Fabric Mask

I chose this Activity because I don’t have a face mask and I really enjoyed do a hands-on activity  
Matilda G

I have never really sewed, and I really enjoyed making the masks
Evie L            

I made a great mask and I loved this Activity.
André N

I had so much fun making my mask out of an old sock, I made a filter for it too.
Jemima S


I wanted to have a quick, relaxing break from my computer and thought this was a good way to do that.
Mia A

I chose this Activity as I believe meditation is a good skill to have and I want to have a cool down after class with something relaxing.
Xander M

Meditation is a great way to relax and de-stress between studying and completing schoolwork.
Nikki S

MYO Mask #2    

I chose this Activity because it seemed practical as well as fun, I definitely learnt how to make a mask and enjoyed sewing them.
Ava D

I am already making face masks at home with my family and I found this pattern very useful
Pippa R

I made a couple more sock masks so I could rotate them around and wash them after each use.
Kate S


I really love origami and as you will see I have been making paper cranes for a while.
Anika G

My friend and I did this Activity over a zoom call. We both had a really good time and had some good conversations.
Mikaylah L

I chose it because my sister wanted to do origami with me.
Charlotte T

Scones by the Dozen

This was very fun and everybody love them! (I don't have a photo because everyone ate them in minutes)
Lola D

I chose this Activity to cook for my family, it was really fun and we learnt that the dough is supposed to be runny.
Zoe L

The Art of Patterns

I choose this Activity to challenge myself to figure out how to make 3D looking boxes out of cotton tips.
Amelia E

Touch Typing Lessons & Games      

This Activity helped my position of where I rest my hands on the keyboard and is much more efficient.
Jacob B

I did touch typing, I am far from great, but it is a process
Felix D

I'm not very good at typing so this was a challenge, but I really enjoyed it!
Poppy M

Yummy Mac and Cheese Bake

I chose this Activity because I wanted to try and cook something in the kitchen
Thomas M