Activities Week Begins!

​It's been 3 long years between Activities weeks, but Woodleigh sure knows how to make up for it.

From the fresh ocean beaches of Victoria's Surf Coast to the polished boards of Prahran dance studios, we've got small groups of Senior Campus kids engaging in all sorts of mind-expanding opportunities right across the state.
What do all of these camps have in common? A sense of adventure; courage to try something new; confidence to engage with kids and teachers you don't necessarily know; all far away from the comforts of home, and far, far beyond your comfort zone. The theme? Have a crack. Try your best. Support your new mates. Choose to be challenged.

What underpins the success of these camps is a culture of risk-taking. Whether it be chowing down on food you've never tried in a different part of the city, or allowing yourself to be immersed in a whole new environment, staff work very hard to create a culture where it's OK to take risks and make mistakes. If you don't make mistakes when you're trying something new, you're probably playing it too safe.