​ Alliance Française Poetry Competition

In May this year, six students from Year 10 French class participated in the ‘Berthe Mouchette’ Alliance Française Poetry Competition. The students were: Phoebe A, James L, Gabe F, Hudson M, Hannah H, and Tabitha Pl.

The students had to memorise their chosen poem, ‘Confinés’, which is based on how young people coped during the Covid-19 lockdown around the world. Students recorded themselves reciting the poetry off-by-heart to Madame K, who sent it to the external examiners at the Alliance Française. The examiners gave a mark out of 20 for each of the participants based on pronunciation and fluency.

Special commendations to all the students who did very well in learning the poem off-by-heart and fine-tuning their pronunciation and presentation skills in French.


French teacher