Almost. Maine – Animations and Bake Sale


This year’s production, Almost, Maine, has provided some wonderful opportunities for students who have skills in a wide variety of areas. Adelie Marshall is studying Year 12 Art. This has given her the opportunity to follow her passions and has allowed her to develop her craft. She has been making animations for two years, and she has kindly made two animations for ‘Almost Maine’.

The following animation has been specially created to advertise the show. It captures the magical, whimsical nature of the play and reflects the central theme of love.

Insert animation of female face with quotes and show dates.

Adelie’s snow globe animation will be used as the title sequence for each scene. She has created a snow globe that is shaken. It helps remind the audience that each scene happens at exactly the same time, and gives a storybook quality to the narrative.

Adelie works on an iPad with a pencil and uses a program called ProCreate. She said that her small/short animations generally take around 10 hours to create, while longer ones can take up to 20 hours.

The process for creating the snow globe is quite amazing to watch – first she drew the snow globe with the scenery behind it. Then she added the falling snow. She duplicated the frames, slowly moving the snow layer. After each layer is created, Adelie rotated the whole snow globe bit by bit, until the globe looks like it is shaking.

Buy your tickets now to see ‘Almost Maine’, and the snow globe in action!

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‘Almost, Maine’ is a play about love. It recreates a world where people fall in and out of love and no one gets hurt.

We want this to be a reality in all relationships, so we organised a bake sale to raise money and awareness about a cause that we care about.

On Tuesday 7 June, the ‘Almost Maine’ cast and crew held a bake sale to raise money for The Australian Childhood Foundation – an organisation that helps children and families recovering and healing from trauma and abuse, due to family violence.

Cast and crew donated cupcakes and cookies and we ended up making over $500. It took a lot of work, and we are all very proud of the result. Thank you to everyone who supported the stall, as well as the parents, students and staff who donated treats and helped to bake!!!

It’s great to see the cast and crew of Almost, Maine using the platform of the school production to raise awareness for an important social issue. Our play exploring love, has lots of happy endings but recognise that this is not always the case for everyone.