Assessment and Reporting Update

As part of the school’s response to remote learning, we have had to alter some of our assessment and reporting processes to ensure that they remain purposeful.

The diagrams below outline the main reporting points for the remainder of 2020. To ensure our staff have adequate time to spend assessing where students are at and to support them in their learning and wellbeing in Term 4, we have made the decision not to include subject comments in Semester 2 end of year reports for Years 7-10. 

Students will still receive an assessment in relation to the standards, and have an opportunity to hear detailed feedback from their teachers in the Term 4 Student Parent Teacher Interviews. Parents and students can also access ongoing feedback through SEQTA assessments. 

Progress Reports

Progress Reports in Term 3 will provide parents and students with feedback around student’s effective learning habits during the CLP in Term 3. 

Heads of Learning