CLP 3 (Remote Learning Round 2 for Year 7-10) Reflection and Goal Setting

As we embark on round 2 of Remote Learning, our teachers reflect on what went well last time and what we can improve this time. We encourage families and students to do the same.

The video below was shown to Homestead Students last week to reflect on their strengths during round 1 of Remote Learning and think about goals concerning their learning and wellbeing in Round 2.

The partnership between home and the school has always been important at Woodleigh, and to support your child’s learning, we would like you to reiterate the following key message.

Videos are to remain on for the duration of the ZOOM lesson

It allows students to practice our core values of Respect for Self and Others by being present and visibly showing that they are listening to others. 

Year 10 students completing VCE subjects

Students have been managing classes at school and learning from home. While working across different timetables has presented some challenges, it has encouraged them to develop positive self-management skills and encouraged the development of independent learning strategies, which will only benefit as they move to a full VCE program next year.

We will encourage all our students to contact their teachers via email if they have any queries. Our teachers look forward to discussing how we might best support your child’s learning and wellbeing in the upcoming Student Parent Teacher Interviews.

Directors of Pastoral Care

Heads of Learning