Cocoon Update

In the Cocoon, we have been inquiring into our unit entitled "How the world works."

We have been exploring concepts such as form, function, change, and causation.

Our explorations have provided opportunities for us to learn about how we can manipulate materials for a purpose and how they might change. We have been performing many different types of experiments with various substances while observing and recording the changes that we see, hear, smell, feel, and even taste.

During one of our live zoom meetings, we discussed some of the natural changes that we have observed in nature and the impact humans could have on our environment changes.

Scarlett- "Flowers change, they turn from seeds to green then to flowers."
Isla- "Lemons start as green; the rain falls, and the leaves turn green, and then the lemons turn yellow."
Hunter- "Butterflies change in their cocoons."
Sid- "Caterpillars changes, and so do tadpoles."

One keen interest that arose was how water could change into ice, which led us to explore and experiment with ice. We wondered what would happen if you added objects into the ice, would it change how it froze? We also wanted to explore what impacts the way ice can melt.

Many children recognised that heat could affect ice melts' speed, whether it heats from the sun, a heater, or even our bodies.

Harper – "Water can turn into ice like snow when it's very cold."
Sid – "and hail, that's cold."
Lara – "The ice melts when it's warm, I have cold hands from holding the ice."
Brandon – "my hand stings from holding the ice."
Harper – "It's turning into water."
Byron – "we have the heater on in my house, so it is melting the ice."  
Noah – "When you add salt, it melts faster."

Cooking experiences have provided us with further opportunities to explore form and change.

So far, we have cooked vegetable soup, damper, popcorn, and excellent eggs.

Rachelle has been presenting a range of wonderful cooking experiences that the children and their families have enjoyed participating in. 

Not only have the children been discovering how food can change its form for an intended purpose, but they have also been learning real-life skills, such as safety in the kitchen, good hygiene, healthy eating, and wellbeing.

Another concept we have enjoyed is exploring is causation. The children have been inquiring about making objects move from one place to another with different forces. They have been learning about how forces can cause change and developing scientific skills such as using trial and error to solve a problem, making predictions, observations, gathering, and recording data.

One activity that proved to be a favourite was building tall towers and observing how and why they fell over.

The force of gravity was the main conclusion, and this took us on a journey of inquiry into how gravity works, where gravity is not, and possible gravity effects.

Many theories were developed and then, of course, had to be tested.

"If a ball is heavier, it will hit the ground first." Barney
"The balloon fell down really slow, it's not that heavy." Charlie
"Why do some balloons float up in the air." Shreya
"Hot air balloons float too!" Brandon
"Planes have wings like birds they fly, and gliders have wings, but they float." Theo

Constructing inclined planes or ramps was also another popular activity that allowed us to explore the speed and distances in which an object can be moved.

"A big ramp makes the ball go faster because it is high." Shreya
"I have a higher ramp, and my ball goes further." Amelie
"The car goes faster because it is heavier and has smooth wheels." Brandon
"If the cars crash, they go slower, they need to stay on their wheels to go fast." Kai

Space is an interest that has arisen throughout our inquiry. In particular, what space is like, why gravity is not present, and what other planets there are. After Book Week, we hope to explore this concept further.

With Father's Day being celebrated this Sunday, we took the opportunity to create some surprises for our Dad's, Grandpa's, Uncles, and special people in our lives.

All week the children have been busy drawing, writing, and making a personalised gift for Sunday. 

We also discussed the things we enjoyed doing with the special males in our lives and even some of their favourite things.

"My dad loves hot chocolates and lots of chocolate." Hughie
"My dad plays golf and hits golf balls in the back yard; he also likes precious things." Amelie
"My dad is really good at telling jokes and telling me monster stories, he like doing muscle exercise in the garage, that's the gym." Jack
"I love having fun with my dad and going to the building site." Theo
"My dad is good at cooking everything, and he loves everything that I do, he loves my pictures and paintings." Lara
"My Dad works every day at home. He likes to eat pizza and pasta and drink coffee. I love playing games with him the most." Shreya
"My Dad is 22 and goes to work. He likes eating Crunchies and drinking tea." Noah
"If I could buy Daddy anything in the world, it would be a money bank", Charlotte
"My Dad's favourite thing about me is my smile. He makes me laugh when he tickles me. If I could buy my Dad anything in the world, I would buy him ice cream and a Lamborghini." Kai

We wish all our Father's, Grandfathers, Uncles, and special people in our lives a fantastic day on Sunday. We hope that it is filled with love, happiness, fun, and, hopefully, sunshine as you make our lives a whole lot brighter.

Love all the children in the ECC