Connected Community across the 3 Campuses

It has been a very good start to the year, with successful and well-attended Parent Information Nights at the Minimbah and Penbank campuses as well as Homestead Night at Senior Campus. There have been consistent messages at all the events and while each event has reflected the character of each campus, there have been strong and consistent messages reinforcing that across our three campuses we are a connected community of ‘One School’. Campus assemblies and school meetings have also reinforced the sense of goodwill across the school, as well as our common values.

To emphasise our commitment to ‘Respect for the Environment’, the Senior Campus hosted another cross-campus event with the screening of the films ‘The Lorax’ and ‘2040’ earlier this month. Although the weather proved to be unkind on the night, the support of our community provided funds for the Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund and BlazeAid, a volunteer-based organisation supporting families and individuals in rural Australia.

In the role of Acting Principal, it has been a pleasure to attend so many events and emphasise our identity as ‘One School’ across our three campuses. It has also served as a reminder to me of the wide range of community-building events that have taken place across our School since the start of the year.

This was further evident last week with the first of our ‘Parent Education Series’ forums at the Senior Campus where we heard from Dr Helen Street, Associate Professor from The University of Western Australia on her ‘contextual wellbeing’ model. Dr Street’s presentation to a cross-campus audience of parents was very well received and her ‘Seven Ways to Travel’ showed close alignment to our own values as a school. You can view Dr Street’s presentation here if you were not able to attend her session.

As we introduce the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme at the Minimbah and Penbank campuses and IB Middle Years Programme at the Senior Campus, we will also run a series of parent workshops entitled ‘Woodleigh Explores’ to help develop an understand of our new curriculum frameworks. I was pleased to join the first session of the year for Minimbah and Penbank parents that was run at the Senior Campus this week by our PYP Coordinator Jodie Kirchner. The focus of the session was ‘Capabilities for Living and Learning’, which included an exploration of the PYP transdisciplinary themes as well as the IB approaches to learning. The feedback from the parents will be used to plan and design future sessions.

It would not be possible to host such a wide range of events without the support of staff as well as the leadership of Events Manager Laura Maasburg and Director of Community Relations Adam Liddiard.

Keep an eye out for more Parent Education and Woodleigh Explores sessions next term. 

Key dates

  • Year 7-12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews - 12 March 4.00pm–8.30pm
  • Year 7-12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews - 17 March 9.00am–8.30pm
  • Minimbah Parent Teacher Interview - 15-16 July
  • Penbank Parent Teacher Interview - 8, 10, 15 September
  • Year 7-12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews - 15 September
  • Year 12 Valedictory - 19 November
  • Perberkoong - 25 November
  • Arty Market - 27 November
  • Year 6 Graduation (Minimbah Campus) - 3 December
  • Year 6 Graduation (Penbank Campus) - 3 December

Acting Principal – Head of Senior Campus