Continuous Learning Plan - Pulse surveys

During the implementation of our Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) in Term 2, the school used a series of surveys to check-in with students, staff, and parents about the experience of learning from home.

Pulse surveys are commonly used in a range of organisational, community, and business contexts to monitor participation and engagement in specific programs, projects, and services. Given our need to respond quickly to an unprecedented health crisis, the school introduced the surveys to effectively and efficiently gather a full range of perspectives and insights into the operation and impact of the CLP over time. The data and feedback we received from pulse surveys during the term helped inform the development and fine-tuning of the CLP and our approaches to teaching and learning online. You can read more about our learning from this process during Term 2 below.  

Unfortunately, the recent spike with the spread of COVID19 in Victoria has meant that we have needed to return to remote learning for most school sections at the start of Term 3. Thus, the school will continue its use of pulse surveys this term, checking-in with our students, teachers, and parents at regular intervals around their experience of the CLP in the weeks ahead. The surveys will be short in length, easy to complete, and focused on a range of important topics relevant to our current context, with a particular interest in student learning, well-being, and engagement. We also recognise that we have several students learning on-site this term. While their experience more closely approximates a typical school day, we will be expanding our use of surveys to ensure we are gathering insight into their experiences during this challenging time.

We were delighted with the survey completion rates from the last term, and kindly ask parents to continue to engage with the survey series this time around to work in partnership to sustain and improve our support for student learning. Survey links for parents will be sent out as part of the correspondence from the Principal, so please look out for upcoming opportunities to engage with us.

Director of Learning, Strategy and Innovation