Drama and Dance Steps

It has been a superb first semester in ‘The Studio’. We are dancing and acting our socks off!

Our energetic Preps, Year 1 and 2 students continue to build basic jazz and hip-hop dance skills three mornings a week during ‘Morning Dance’. The dance steps we use incorporate cross brain co-ordination, body isolations, walking to different beats with swag, and following me in warm-up exercises. As the children build confidence with the choreography of each dance, they begin to get a better sense of their bodies. They have become more comfortable in their own skin, and their confidence and self-esteem has improved. We LOVE it when the parents and special adults in our lives join us for a boogie! So, pop in next semester and join us Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, but no watching… dancing only!

Our drama studies this term have covered a variety of different focuses. Our younger students have explored their dramatic expression through a series of Movement Journeys where they are guided through a narrative and are the main actors. Students have been dogs visiting the beach and toys in Mrs Magoo’s Toy Shop Emporium. This has developed into connecting their dramatic skills with the fairytale genre and we are building our very own fairytales that we hope to share with you in Term 3.

Our Years 3 and 4s have used drama to explore life cycles, as well as applying their understanding of narrative storytelling through small group plays. This process has allowed students to build their ability and willingness to work with many different types of people and personalities.

Our Homestead students, in Year 5 and 6, have been exploring scripts and are working towards presenting a short play. Their excitement to perform is commendable and I am proud of how they are working to remember their lines, as well as stage directions.

Finally, as we head into the school holidays, you might be interested in supporting your child’s spark in dance and drama. If you are interested in any recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy the well-earned break!


Katherine Gordon