Year 6 Update

Thank you for your support of the students and us over the past few weeks. We could not have ever imagined we would be in such a partnership, 'continuously learning' together. Yet, here we are. We certainly appreciate the communication between home and school, and it has helped us to plan, balance, and frame our learning experiences to be balanced. The most important session of our day has proven to be Circle Time, which is the first Zoom session of each day at 9:15 am. This session has allowed us to touch base, discuss the current state of play, and check-in with each other. It is also when we look at the schedule and clarify the expectations for learning throughout the day. Discussions and attention have enhanced the independent organisational and study skills of each student during Circle Time.


Our unit of Inquiry called 'Democratica' has come to an end, with students investigating and understanding the concepts of change, citizenship, and responsibility through many lenses. We have had many rich learning experiences ranging from examining the leadership qualities of the infamous bushranger, Ned Kelly, to constructing our own pieces of legislation. Students have become art critics, parliamentarians, and war historians to understand how decisions are made in our country by those in power and ordinary citizens. 

Our Inquiry focus shifts to the transdisciplinary theme of 'Where we are in Place and Time,' with the central idea being:

'Sharing stories of migration can build compassion and understanding.'

We will explore the concepts of causation, perspective, and responsibility by asking questions such these key questions:

  •  'What is the impact of migration on people and places?
  •  'Why do people migrate?
  • By investigating and listening to stories of migration, students are exposed to cultures, geographical differences, and decision-making, not always born of choice.


So far this term, students have focused on developing the skills to plan, write, and edit informative and persuasive pieces. Utilising themes that have arisen throughout 'Democratica,' students have had the opportunity to write using various formats, including legal documents, speeches, and essays. 

We have continued to use the Newsela platform to read non-fiction articles, identify the author's purpose, and use arguments and evidence within a text. As our inquiry focus shifts, our reading focus will include historical fiction, biography, and understanding the importance of research and evidence. 

Our spelling programs will continue to evolve based on individual student needs that are identified through ongoing review and work assessment. We also expect students to maintain their reading and record this in their digital reading logs.


Our approach to Maths continues to be a two-pronged attack:

1.   Personal Maths Goals – students will maintain a dialogue with their classroom teacher to move through their Maths Goals cycles using the SMART goals format. This will help to address specific areas of need and provide opportunities to explore topics of interest.

2.   A whole class focus on measurement, mapping, Cartesian planes, mapping, and timetables (not to be confused with multiplication, or times tables!), and collecting data for representation in graphs.

Gabby Williams is also working with a small group of students to participate in the problem-solving competition – APSMO.


The Homestead wouldn't be the Homestead without our Activities program, and we've managed to continue this despite working from home! Here is a selection of photos highlighting what we've been up to.

Year 6 Production

There was much excitement as the roles for our production of 'The Lion King' were announced last Friday. Given our current circumstances, we are planning a modified performance with a mixture of live and pre-recorded elements. We are very excited as it will allow us to explore a whole new way of presenting this popular show to the school community. Wheels are in motion – we will be announcing more details soon!

Year 6 Classroom Teacher