Debating News Term 3 2020

Debates are always an intellectual pursuit and, although entertaining, can also be quite stressful. Given the current demands of remote learning, all these elements are even more heightened. I am proud of the small group of students who have continued with this activity despite the added pressure and uncertainty of training and competing online. I am most pleased that they finished the DAV (Debaters Association of Victoria) school competition season with a win in their age division!

The Woodleigh team has been steadily working during the CLP period. All the preparation has taken place during Activity Time Zoom meetings. A number of the group are new to debating, and they had to learn the intricate rules of the debate process. Skills such as Manner, Matter, Team Split, Team Model, and specific speakers' individual roles all had to be covered and developed.

Both the debates completed in Term 3 were 'Secret Topics,' adding yet another layer to the group's demands. If you are new to debating, a secret topic is only announced a short time before the debate. For this occasion, we had only one hour to organise ways to manage topic definitions, find information, writing speeches, and planning possible rebuttals.

It was such a steep learning curve, and I admire every team member, with everyone embracing the different roles that were theirs for each debate. I was also pleased that everyone was given a chance to speak. All of us were entirely over the moon when we won the last debate and were especially delighted that our third speaker for the final debate, Gemma C, was awarded the best speaker for that debate.

The next adventure for this team will be to take part in the British Parliament debate day. This will be held on a weekend.

THE DEBATING TEAM: Tia B, Gemma C, Tealia H, Alexandra M, Bridget R and Nikki S.

CompetitionTeam PositiveTeam NegativeTopic
Debate 1Woodleigh Star of the SeaThat there should be a mandatory
retirement age for world leaders. 
Debate 2PLCWoodleigh That Social Media Accounts Should
Only be Available to Individuals.


DAV Debating; an experience that allows one to flourish in their articulation and confidence. DAV Debating has enabled me to express my strengths and build upon my weaknesses, both vocally and academically, in a supportive environment – online. 
Nikki S. Y10

Debating enabled us to consider other perspectives on issues we may not have previously thought about and made us aware of significant global events. I found it both thought-provoking and fun, as we were able to work as a team while competing and learning at the same time. 
Tealia H. Y10

Woodleigh Debating Coordinator