Early Learning Group News

We have hit the ground running in Early Learning this term! What a busy but special time we have had in both 3- and 4-year-old groups, as we prepared for our Mother’s Day celebrations while embracing our new inquiry, ‘Sharing the Planet.’ It was an absolute pleasure to have you as your child’s special guest come and join us last week. We hope you will remember it as happily as the children will from tea and cake, a little pampering, and shared activities.

The various gifts and activities that the children excitedly planned and made for you were carefully chosen, such as the Autumn leaves the 3-year-olds used in their gifts. We have focused on noticing changes in nature through Autumn, and as such, the children observed the different trees, how their leaves may fall, and why. The 4-year-old group looked at the process of change by creating our own flower press and then making our Mother’s Day cards with the pressed flowers. 

Preschool is when children learn so much about themselves in relation to others, as they are just beginning to recognise the feelings and needs of others and their own. In Early Learning, we often use social stories and role-plays to support children in regulating their behaviour and emotions and learning skills useful in social situations. We are working towards children knowing strategies that they can implement independently and recognising when to use them. This term, both groups will be using social stories that focus on sharing ideas in play and what we can do when feeling angry. The children are already familiar with some simple strategies to help them feel calm, including: ‘5 finger breathing’, ‘rainbow breaths’ and taking time out to have a drink of water. Once we are relaxed, then we find a solution to a problem. 

Thank you to all the families who have made donations to our ‘beautiful stuff’ collection. We are planning to work together to sort through the items and suggest how they can be reused in our centre. It is a personal and interactive way for the children to start considering how much waste we have in our lives and what we can do to reduce and reuse it.

We look forward to continuing this great learning as the term progresses.