Early Learning Group News

Welcome back for a very different Term 2! We hope you all had a fantastic break over the holidays and enjoyed the time to connect as a family during these crazy, challenging times! All our educators have enjoyed a lovely peaceful break and have returned for the term excited to take on the new world of teaching online!

We understand that many of you are trying to juggle working from home, helping other children with home learning and perhaps managing a host of other challenges. Please know that we are here to help and realise that your child will need your support to access our Continuous Learning Program.  

The learning will be different for everyone, and the children's level of engagement will vary each day. Please don't worry if you can't manage to access all the activities or are unable to share your child's learning every day. For our early learners, play is the most important way for them to learn, and we just want you to have fun with the program and enjoy this special time with your child. Our priority is the wellbeing and safety of both the children and their families, so let us know if we can support you in any way!

We are eager to personalise our program and incorporate your child's current interests. Keep in touch; we would love to hear about your family adventures and activities!

For those families who have needed to send their children into the centre, we thank you for your patience with our new drop off and pick up system as well as hygiene procedures and temperature checks.  

We have incorporated intentional teaching experiences focussed on:

●      Social distancing
●      Handwashing
●      Using our sleeve/elbow for coughing and sneezing
●      Understanding COVID 19

It is evident that you have all been working on this at home. We have seen some great handwashing and heard lots of children singing Happy Birthday in the bathroom!

We are working hard to ensure that the program is being kept consistent across both the online and onsite settings. Our educators in the centre are supporting the children to access videos, Zoom sessions and learning engagements being posted by their teacher on Seesaw. 

Exploring a new way of learning:

During the early weeks of this term, the focus of our program will be on supporting the children to adjust to a new way of learning and helping them to engage with the new platforms of Seesaw and Zoom.  

We are excited about the shift to Phase 2 of our Continuous Learning Plan, which will allow us to connect with the children in real-time through live Zoom sessions. Our intention is to keep our live sessions playful and interactive, incorporating lots of simple games and songs. This will support them in learning to take turns, connect with each other and share their ideas with their friends.

The educators working in the centre will help those attending kinder to access the learning engagements, stories and group times using an interactive whiteboard. This will allow them to connect with their teachers and friends at home.

We understand that the live sessions will require extra time and commitment from you and appreciate your support of the program. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns about online learning. 

Who We Are

We have begun this term continuing to work on our Unit of Inquiry, ‘Who We Are’.  

Our online learning has provided us with an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the children's interests and family life. We have enjoyed the opportunity to explore ‘who we are’ in the context of our family. Many of our learning engagements have focussed on our family, what we like to do at home and exploring our gardens and the local community. It has also been wonderful to hear about family celebrations and holiday adventures; everyone certainly seems to have made the most of the opportunity to connect as a family! 

During this uncertain time, we are particularly aware of the need for us to support the children's emotional and physical wellbeing. In the next few weeks, we will continue to explore the following lines of inquiry:

• How my emotions impact on myself and others
• Choices I can make for my own and others wellbeing

Many of our learning engagements will incorporate activities which encourage mindfulness, gratitude and physical activity. We encourage you to support your child in finding time for relaxation, connecting with the natural world and having uninterrupted time to play.

The goal is for our time "on screen" to be limited and for most of our time to be engaged in productive, playful learning experiences.  

We are looking forward to a fantastic, somewhat unusual term of learning and fun!

Stay safe, well and sane in during these very challenging times!