Early Learning Group News

It is truly wonderful to have our groups back together again, and we are so grateful that we can all be onsite. It is evident by the way the children have been happily entering the room each day that they are also feeling the same relief and joy to be back at Penbank. We're sure the final term of this year will be a fun and good time for all!

Program of learning

Being back together as a whole group is quite a change for all children, whether they have been at home or in the small group attended onsite. 

We were proud to see how resilient they have been and how quickly they have settled back into the routine of life in the Early Learning Centre. We're sure there will continue to be a period of settling in over the next couple of weeks, during which time we aim for the children to reconnect with their peers and develop their sense of identity within the group. Hence, we will be revisiting our first Unit of Inquiry (UOI) from this year, which was 'Who we are.' It enables us to support the children through the Central Idea that "We are learning about ourselves and others as part of a learning community." It focuses attention on interpersonal relationships, social and communication skills as well as self-management skills. The 4-year-olds will also be focusing on the transition to school as the term progresses. If you believe your children would like to continue within the ECC, please let us know if there are any particular interests. As an example, several of the children have expressed to their families their excitement about going to school next year, so we have set up a 'school room' in the classroom. It is very well used, with lots of writing, drawing, and maths work!  

Many of the children have shown interest in learning about the people who help us in the community. Throughout this term, we plan to build on this interest by learning about the phone number to call in an emergency and the jobs the emergency services do for us. The children already enjoy role-playing police and fire services with our dress ups, so we're sure this will be a fun learning experience.

Importantly, we also want to reflect on the achievements that your children made during the CLP. Now that we are back on site, we want to honour the work done and highlight children's strengths and capabilities, whether that was learning to ride a bike, engage in activities or enjoy their siblings' company.

COVID-Safe Practices

As you will be aware, the school is operating with a COVID-safe plan in place. Most children are familiar with our COVID-safe routines and practices that we implemented as and when required throughout the year. To ensure all children are familiar with these practices and remind the group as a whole, we have discussed. We will regularly revisit routines such as hand hygiene and use visual reminders and modeling best practices. We thank you for your support in maintaining the 1.5 metre social distancing requirements when dropping off and picking up your child as well as minimising any social interactions.

Sun smart in Term 4

In Term 4, all children are required to wear a sunhat for outside play. If we notice that your child does not appear to have their hat at kinder from the beginning of the year, we will let you know. We will have a sunscreen station in the drop-off area for families to use. Please sanitise your hands before and after use. 

Transition to school for our 4-year-olds:

It may seem a long way off, but as your child progresses through this year, planning for a positive start to school to support your child's learning and development continuity is essential.

To make it easier to share information between you, services, and your child's future school, a Transition Learning and Development Statement (TLDS) will be written about your child. The TLDS will summarise your child's interests, skills, and abilities. Mel will also include specific ideas and strategies to tell your child's future school more about how your child learns and how the school can help your child settle into school.

We will be sending home a letter about a child and family transition statement in the next week. Please add your ideas about your child in a section of the TLDS. Your contribution to your child's TLDS is highly valued and will help the school get to know you and your child.

If you would like to discuss using the TLDS to share information about your child or the use of the online Insight Assessment Platform, please contact either Mel or Lisa to make an appointment via Zoom.

Seesaw app

Finally, please change over to the Seesaw' family' app to access your child's journal. Through the CLP, you have been using the 'student' app. Please contact Lisa Coxon at if you are having problems logging in or need a new invitation. We will continue to use Seesaw to update you on what the children are up to while at Penbank.

A final thank you to all of our families for your support. We look forward to a fabulous Term 4.

Early Learning Teachers