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It’s so lovely to have our whole group back together again in Early Learning. Surprisingly, the children have returned to the program with such confidence and enthusiasm that it’s hard to tell that we’ve even had any time apart. It has been striking to observe how comfortable the children are in each other’s company, and how keen they are to engage in imaginative, dramatic play experiences with each other.

Throughout the term we have been investigating “How We Express Ourselves”. This has led us to create many performances for each other in the 3-year-old group. Encouragingly, the children all feel secure enough to have a go at participating in performances, although we are learning that we need to take turns in being the performers or audience. The performances have given children practice in following directions, sometimes speaking in front of the group, retelling familiar stories, and using our bodies to pretend to be something or someone else. As the term continues, we will begin to work on a performance item we will show our families to celebrate the end of term.

We spent the beginning of the term looking at symbols around us. We have observed that there are lots of traffic signs and symbols in the streets where we live and on our way to school. The children enjoyed making some roads with signs in the Penbank yard. Some children created cars to drive around the roads, while others preferred to be the traffic police that ensured the signs were being obeyed. This was a fun play experience enjoyed by all.

Early Learning Group 3


Well, it is hard to believe we are more than halfway through the term! Most importantly, we have had a full group for the first time in a while. It was exciting to welcome all children onsite and they have been equally excited returning to the school, their friends and diving back into learning in a social setting. We have been so pleased with the apparent sense of comfort, security and support individual children have demonstrated on their return to the Early Learning environment.

We are determined to make the most of these precious weeks we have, and so far, we are loving learning through the unit of inquiry ‘How We Express Ourselves’. Through the lines of inquiry in this unit so far, the children have engaged in rich learning around expressing themselves through storytelling, performance, painting and exploration of letter formation.

We have taken the opportunity, as the group has become larger again, to bring focus to children’s sense of wellbeing through the framework of the Zones of Regulation. The program runs throughout the school and supports children to recognise and understand their feelings but also begin to regulate their emotions increasingly independently. In Early Learning we give the children explicit feedback as to what zone we observe them as being in, and gradually children become able to connect their feelings to the zones. There are 4 zones, each with a colour: blue, green, yellow and red.

We practice various strategies that support feelings of calm and happiness, and explicitly discuss our feelings as we are involved in the strategies. In the last couple of weeks some children have engaged in beautiful mindful painting experiences, mindful eating techniques, as well as visualisations and yoga. The children have even begun to script their own group visualisation we can read together during relaxation sessions.

We look forward to finding more ways to express ourselves over coming weeks and will look to the group to guide our learning. We imagine that many children would embrace making short films or plays, or they may like to engage in large group art initiatives. One thing is for sure, we will be getting creative for Christmas over the coming weeks and look forward to lots of craft!

MEL FLOOKS Early Learning Group 4

Friendly Reminders

  • Please be aware that masks are still required indoors. If you need to enter the school building, you must wear a mask. It is also a requirement that you check in at reception and show proof of vaccination.
  • At this stage, families are not able to access other areas of the school yard. We ask that you do not access the school playground or chicken coop with your child.