Engaging in Reconciliation – Year 3 Reflect and Grow

The Year 3 students have been so interested and engaged throughout our Reconciliation Week celebrations. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to listen to the stories of our First Peoples, and Reconciliation Week provides us with the chance to reflect and learn. AJ, Monica, Eva-Jo & Lionel have inspired and challenged us to keep our minds open and an important conversation alive in our classroom.

Reconciliation Week

Visit from Lionel – Photographs and article by Billy S.

"Today, Lionel came and spoke to us. We learnt about woomeras and how they help throw spears really far. Lionel can throw a spear across the oval. We say thank you to Lionel and his daughter for helping us learn about their weapons and culture. He said that we have the best-smelling plant! It's crazy but cool. We even got to eat a really sweet plant that grows at our school – how amazing!"


Year 3 have been completely captured by our current unit of inquiry centred around 'Living Things & their Environment'. The students have identified how living things have an interdependent relationship with other flora & fauna. As part of our investigations, we have examined all the biomes, a variety of ecosystems and relationships between pairs of symbiotic animals.

We also discussed how humans are connected to animals, and there has been some surprise and dismay that in almost all cases, humans have a negative impact. In the quest for some positivity, we are looking for solutions and methods for changing this pattern and reflecting on what we can do in our day to day lives to make a difference.

CRAIG KENNER Year 3 Teacher