Years 3-4 Update

It was so wonderful to see the students come pouring into their classrooms this week, on campus! There were bright smiles everywhere. Students were overjoyed to see each other and their teachers. It was lovely to hear them all chatter excitedly about their holiday experiences—such a joy to see.

3/4 Learning Community

Your child may come home with news about the Year 3 and Year 4 students working collaboratively. It is an excellent opportunity for the students in Year 4 to assist the younger Year 3 students and be role models. For the Year 3 students, it has allowed the transition into the middle years to run smoothly. Please bring any questions you have about the Year 3 & 4 Learning Community to the Information Evening, and we look forward to providing you with more detail about the program.

Sports Uniform 

Pete has spoken with the students about PE uniform expectations. Please bring sports uniforms each Monday, and students will take them home on Friday – ready to be washed! For students in Year 3, a new Sports Program component is to take part in Friday Afternoon Sports with all students 3-6. We expect these students will relish the opportunity to take part in friendly and competitive games. 

Welcome to new families

We want to offer a warm welcome to our new families. We hope you feel at home at Penbank and that your children enjoy each day learning and playing in the beautiful Penbank surroundings. 

To all families, we look forward to a productive and engaging year with the students. We also look forward to chatting with you during our parent-teacher interviews next week.

Kind regards,

Y3 & 4 Classroom Teachers