Fishing Camp Reflection

Fishing camp was amazing, with the fantastic skills you learn and friends you make. On the first day we went to Flinders pier with a cold, rainy day ahead of us. First day fishing, we did not have high expectations, but we were excited since we had no school. We walked down the pier almost falling off because of the wind. First cast in, we wait and wait and wait with the wind and rain not stopping.

Suddenly, we hear, “I’m on, I’m on, I’ve got a fish!" We reel it in and it’s a big squid, caught by Ralph! Everyone now has hope that we may get something. Three-hours go by with no bite, no nothing, then we decide to move to a new location Stony point. We get there, excited for a new location. Jude caught a big Australian salmon, then no fish except a couple of bites.

When we went to Sorrento, which is known for catching good squid, it was an amazing spot to fish since it was covered in seaweed, rocks, and coral. The weather that day was ordinary with winds almost blowing you off the pier. We did not catch much that day since we were right next to the ferry which scared the fish off every 40 mins, which was not ideal.

Since we had had not much luck we decided at the last minute to go to the trout farm the next day, to bring us some joy in catching a fish. First cast in and I’m on, it was pretty satisfying catching a fish that fast but it felt like you were cheating the whole time.

The charter was located at Hastings pier. We went into Western Port Bay and fished around there! First cast in and I’m on, I catch a descent-size flat head with three whiting I caught later in the day. The weather was wonderful; perfect conditions, and everyone came home with a fish except for two people.

Thanks to everyone who helped me and all the students through the week.

Year 8