Fitness, Fractions, Food, Fun and Frights! It's all happening in the Year 3 classroom!


Our unit of study for ‘How The World Works’ was a fascinating journey into biology, healthy eating and staying fit. For more information on the latest, here is Ike.

“At the start of this unit, we had a special guest called Dee come into the gymnasium. She is a mother of a student in Year 3. She taught us how to properly exercise. We learned a LOT from her. Then we decided to use the knowledge. The Mini-Olympics were coming, so we needed to prepare. We split up into teams: red, blue, green and gold. Which team is the best? I think they are all the same, so please do not argue. We were working hard and long. We worked for at least three or four weeks on an exercise programme. Then we used it on the Foundation group to the Year 2 group. We have been working on that for a long time! We are all proud of our work, and I hope you enjoy this video of us training the younger students. Thank you for your attention.”

I was impressed at how the Year 3s stepped up as role models and leaders to run these exercise sessions. Each student should be incredibly proud of their achievements.

A special shoutout to Dee (Jett’s Mum), who was phenomenal and taught even our sportiest students more than a thing or two about exercising properly. The teacher also gained a lot from the session; when can I book you in for more?!

Inquiry Video

As part of the Kitchen Garden Explore program, the students are given the opportunity to participate in an extraordinary range of activities that are not always available in the average classroom. As part of the Kitchen program, Lisa Rix has been guiding the students to create some incredible feasts for the whole cohort. The students have enjoyed making seasoned thyme, rosemary and parsley butter on Turkish Focaccia, parsley pesto, chopped kale salad with summer vegetables, (featuring silverbeet, cucumber, tomato, and red onion), a broad-bean salad, broccoli slaw, yoghurt dip and beetroot dip.

Enjoy some photos of us sharing this incredible food.


In Mathematics, we have been learning that there are numbers between 0 and 1.

Fractions are turning out to be a lot more fun than previously realised, and the connections between decimals, fractions and percentages are fast becoming demystified. The key is to see that all the diverse ways of partitioning are the same concept, just in different formats and with alternative names. Here is an average set of maths rotations in action.


It is always so pleasing to see our students connecting with their personal reading. Stay connected if you would like some suggestions or advice in terms of book choices as the students mature and prepare for Year 4!

Watch out! We have some incredibly spooky stories coming your way as the students are planning and drafting a story that will give you chills. We look forward to sharing these frightfully soon.


The students were also saddened to hear that Pam and Mel, our school cleaners (and so much more), would be finishing their time at Woodleigh this year. I was amazed to see students use their own time to put together some messages to wish them the best. Here are some images of their messages and a few other miscellaneous photos from the Year 3 classroom.

Year 3 Teacher