Melbourne Foodies Camp Reflection

​During Camp Week I got to experience the most amazing tastes that Melbourne has to offer. I tried things that I never thought I would like, and some things that I had never even heard of.

Everything I ate on this camp was incredible. All the dishes had different flavours, tastes, texture, and smells, which made for some of the best food I have ever eaten.

The most surprising thing I ate would have been the duck fat chocolate tarts, because I had never eaten duck before, and the chocolate was so rich and smooth, and didn’t taste like duck at all. Eating oysters for the first time was also a strange experience because there were so many flavours and textures but altogether it tasted amazing.

We visited different restaurants and markets but some of the ones that stuck out to me was The Langham and Epocha. The Langham offered a lot of incredible foods. I have never eaten so much food in one sitting. I ate seafood, Indian, roast meats and I tried about 10 different desserts.

Epocha was my favourite place because we ate some of the best food that I tried all week. My favourite dish was the slow cooked lamb with duck fat potatoes that our group peeled and chopped.

Not only did we get to eat incredible food all week, but we also learned about hospitality and how restaurants ensure customers have the best possible experience, even before they walk through the door. The farmers grow and harvest the produce and sell it at the markets for restaurants to buy. The chefs spend months thinking of unique flavours that they can incorporate into their dishes. The restaurant is decorated to set the mood as soon as the customer walks through the door, and the staff make sure that the customers are always comfortable throughout their dining experience.

This camp week really opened my eyes to the different flavours of not only Melbourne, but to the flavours from around the world and how much thought and effort goes into every single dish. I have also found a new gratitude for the process that happens behind the scenes at restaurants and markets before we even think about going to a restaurant.

Year 11