Foundation News

It was fantastic to share our 100 Days of Foundation on Friday. Thank you very much for your effort in recording the video and helping your child to dress up. While these 100 days have not gone quite as planned or hoped, it has been wonderful to see the children engaging in our online lessons, enjoying catching up on zoom, and making steady academic progress.

This hotel provides rooms and hairdressing, rooms are $3 actually no $600 a night!

So many different types of cheese. Put the money in and select your favourite cheese. Press the button and tada.... cheese, even grated cheese!

This term, we have begun exploring our new central idea ‘Products and services are created to meet the needs of a community.’ We are inquiring into;

•         Roles and responsibilities within our community
•         Products and services in our community
•         Creating Products and services for our community.

It has been wonderful to see the children starting to think about roles and responsibilities, occupations, and different products and services. They have been encouraged to explore these ideas, engage in the design process, and be creative and critical in their thinking. The children have enjoyed being inventors and engineers, building bridges, marble runs, and imaginary businesses. I have been very impressed by their ingenuity and resourcefulness.

This week, your children will interview you about your roles and responsibilities within your workplace or home. They will then create a short video of their interview to share with their classmates. In the following weeks, we will be asking the children to develop a ‘Restaurant’ at home where they will work on designing a name, logo, menus, table settings, and eventually following a recipe to cook a meal to share with family members. This project will require some ‘grown-up’ assistance but will give the children a chance to create a product and service for them.

In Maths this term, we have continued to consolidate our understanding of place value and moved to numbers beyond 20 and skip counting. If you are interested in trying some fun family maths activities at home, there are some great ideas in this video-

 Over the next few weeks, we will begin to explore patterns, money, and time. If your child enjoys problem-solving, make sure you have a go at our optional challenge problem on Seesaw each Wednesday.

It has been great to make literacy connections with our current unit of inquiry so that the children are listening and responding to both fiction and non-fiction texts that help them to explore roles and responsibilities. Our Read Write Inc program is progressing well during CLP with weekly live lessons and seesaw tasks. If you would like to further support your child with their literacy at home, I would suggest;

• Asking your child to read the Speed Sound cards speedily each day
• Using ‘Fred Talk’ to help your child read and spell words that they are interested in and making signs for things around your house.
• Finding authentic opportunities for your child to write, eg. Make a shopping list, write a letter to post to a family member, create a survey, or write instructions for somebody else to follow.
• Reading stories to your child every day. They may be interested in chapter books that you read to them or prefer picture storybooks.

We plan to reassess the children’s progress in the coming weeks and let you know how this process will work.

Thank you for your support of our program. I am so grateful for your enthusiasm and commitment as we continue our learning at home. Please send me an email if there is any way I can support you or your child over the coming weeks.

Foundation Class teacher