Foundation News

Over the final two weeks of our 'How we Organise Ourselves' Unit of Inquiry, the Foundation children will be involved in an exciting new venture. Starting on Monday, they will begin planning for their own 'dine-in' restaurant or café at home. You will be their customers, and they will be involved in naming, planning, and creating their business and then finally serving you a meal. This project will require some parent support but should be a fun way for them to apply what they have learned about goods and services meeting a community's needs. I can't wait to see our little master chefs and restauranteurs in action. Each day they will have a task on Seesaw to help them prepare for their restaurant or café opening.

In Maths this term, we have played lots of number games to reinforce number sense. We have introduced naming, making, and recording two-digit numbers to build on the children's understanding of place value, and we will continue to work on this concept throughout the year. It was beautiful to see the children's enthusiasm as we began to explore subtraction to make numbers smaller, using 'take away' language. They were also very excited to investigate money, raiding your coin jars and money boxes to sort and count coins. For the remainder of this term, we will focus on number, measurement, and time.

I am incredibly proud of the Foundation children's progress with their reading and writing this term. The recent 'Read Write Inc' assessments were an excellent opportunity to see and celebrate the children's growth. Your family commitment to our program has been instrumental in ensuring that the children are still acquiring essential literacy skills and making excellent progress despite these trying circumstances.  

As your child is beginning to become more confident as a writer, I thought it might be useful to share some tips about supporting their growth as an emergent writer at home. 

  • When writing a new word, ask your child to use their 'Fred Fingers' to think about how many sounds they can hear and then record each sound as they write. Encourage and celebrate all attempts at spelling and resist the urge to correct their writing at this stage. Invented spelling is an essential part of the emergent writing phase.
  • Have a particular writing area set up with colourful stationery, post-it notes, envelopes, and paper stapled together to make 'books'. Ask your child to help you write a shopping list, take orders for dinner, write a card or letter for a friend, or make a book. Display their writing around the house so that they can see how proud you are of their attempts.
  • Take photos of things that your child is interested in or excited about and then print them out to make a book together. They could also use the Book Creator book on their iPad to create their fiction or non-fiction book to share with our class. 

It has been fantastic to see the children managing to maintain their motivation and enthusiasm as we approach the end of the term. I am very grateful for your continued support and patience as we have navigated this challenging term together. I know that learning at home takes a considerable family effort; thank you. I wish all of the Fathers and Grandfathers a wonderful day today!

Foundation Class teacher