Foundation Update

Welcome to Term 2! It has been so beautiful to 'see' the students online this week. I appreciate your patience and commitment in getting the children online and ready at their meeting times and navigating the technology. Engagement and connection will continue to be a big focus of Continuous Learning in Foundation this term to help your child feel connected to their friends, teachers, and the school community. Activities will continue to involve a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks designed to engage your child in experiences that connect to previous learning and the curriculum. I will continue to use a combination of Zoom and See-Saw, applications that the children are now mostly familiar with.

Unit of Inquiry

Our central idea for this unit is, 'Living things adapt and grow.' We will be continuing to work on this unit throughout the term and explore adaptation and change, lifecycles, interdependence, and habitats.

Our lines of inquiry for this unit are;

An inquiry into;

•    Needs of living things
•    Adaptations of living things
•    How we can learn about living things

Throughout our inquiry, the children will be encouraged to observe living things, record their findings in different ways, and make predictions based on their observations and knowledge. We will often refer to this as 'thinking like a scientist.' It's a fantastic unit to be studying from home as we can make so many observations in our backyards or as we go for walks and bike rides in nature. If you have any great books or websites that you have found about living things, or you observe something interesting in your backyard, please share photos or links with us on Seesaw.


We have almost finished learning all of our set 1 Speed Sounds as part of our 'Read Write Inc' program. The children won't need to be able to read and write each sound independently at this stage. The desktop chart that I shared on Seesaw may be helpful to have on hand to help your child remember their sounds. If they would like to practice handwriting on their iPads, the 'Eggy Alphabet' app is great. Once we have finished learning all of the individual sounds, we will have a few weeks of revision and will continue to work on blending our sounds by 'Fred Talking' to read and write decodable words.

Our focus while reading this term will be listening and responding to shared texts and beginning to decode words as we read. Soon you will receive a link to join our  'Epic' books account. Epic will allow me to share e-book readers with the class so that the children have access to decodable readers. There are also thousands of books on the app that connects to our unit of inquiry.  

Our live lessons on Zoom give us an excellent opportunity to practice our speaking and to listen to this term. Our focus will be on listening respectfully and taking turns during conversations and class discussions. We are encouraging the children to listen actively and be able to express their ideas confidently. We are all learning Zoom effectively; I am so proud of how the children have embraced this technology and already learned so many functions of the platform.


Our focus so far this term has been on number and shape. We will continue to explore these concepts and will also start to explore addition strategies and measurement. I have had a few parents ask about the maths apps on the children's iPads and just wanted to reassure you that they are welcome to use any of the apps they have. They may be familiar with 'Eggy Numbers' and 'Eggy addition,' which are the two we explored in class the last term.

While we could never have predicted the challenging situation that we find ourselves in, there certainly are many opportunities for family connection, learning life skills, and a slower pace. I hope that your child and the whole family are settling into new routines together and creating some special family memories. If, at any stage, I can support you, please let me know.

JACQUI WISHART Foundation Class Teacher