Foundation Update

Welcome to Term 4! I can’t wait to welcome the students back to our classroom on Monday, 18th October. It will be fantastic for them to have a chance to reconnect with their friends and build on all the excellent learning that they have done at home. This year, the children have shown resilience, adapting to learning at home through 4 lockdowns. Their wellbeing and sense of connection have been our focus throughout our Zoom sessions, and it has been lovely to see what confident communicators they have become, sharing their news, thoughts, and questions. The academic progress that they have made has also been remarkable. I have loved seeing their writing and listening to their reading online. Thank you so much for your support in making this happen at home.

This term, we have begun exploring our new central idea, ‘People communicate meaning and express their identity through stories.’ We will be inquiring into:

  • the role of storytelling (dramatic play, music, art, dance)
  • our connection to stories
  • expressing our identity through storytelling.

This unit will allow us to focus on the role and purpose of stories and how stories can be told in many ways. We will explore poetry, narratives, plays, folktales, and oral storytelling traditions. We will work on the structure of a story and investigate characters, settings, plots, and story sequencing. There will be many opportunities for the children to create and share their own stories. In the coming weeks, we will be asking them to share their favourite stories and talk to you about personal stories from your family or culture.

In Maths this term, we will continue to consolidate our understanding of place value and utilise practical situations to model addition, subtraction, and sharing. We will explore patterns by copying, continuing, and creating patterns with objects, drawings, and numbers. We will also continue to build on our understanding of measurement and telling time to the hour.

It has been great to recommence our Read Write Inc groups online this week. Once we are back at school, the children will begin to bring home books and ditties to practice with you each week. So that we can make as much progress as possible with the program this term, your child’s Read Write Inc folder must be returned to school each Monday. They will also bring home two ‘Read with Me’ books that your child will choose themselves each week. These may not be decodable books, so there is no expectation that your child can read these independently, although they might like to read with you or attempt some of the words they can ‘Fred Talk’ themselves.

Change can always be challenging, and our exceptional Foundation students will effectively have their 5th first day of school when we return to campus on Monday. If your child is feeling a bit anxious, the following strategies taken from the Australian Psychological Society newsletter might be helpful-

  • Reassure your child that it is safe to go to school.
  • Talk about changes to the usual school and family routines in advance, e.g., siblings may be attending school on different days.
  • Re-establish regular bedtime and wake-up routines in the lead-up to the return to school.
  • Talk about your drop-off and goodbye routine well in advance- ask your child if anything will make the drop-off easier for them, such as walking up to the classroom with a friend or bringing a unique item to help them feel brave.

If you would like to read the complete article, it can be found here.

Initially, when we return to school three days per week (Mon-Wed), we will be changing our Creek Day to Friday to maximise our ‘in class’ learning time. Our PE days may change too, so I will inform you of any uniform changes via email. Each Wednesday afternoon, we will send work home with the children to complete on Thursday and Friday with you at home. We will revert to our usual schedule once we are back at school for the whole week.

It is going to be a busy, exciting final term together! I can’t wait to see you all at the basketball court for drop-off on Monday morning.

Foundation Classroom Teacher