Foundation Update

The first year of Primary school is a critical year of growth and change. While this year hasn’t gone to plan, the Foundation students have so much to celebrate. They have grown academically and socially and developed resilience and flexibility that will become an asset as they continue their school journey.

For our final class news this year, I asked the children to reflect on their growth since beginning school. I hope you enjoy reading their reflections and take some time to celebrate this year with your child.

I have loved meeting new friends this year and I love learning reading and writing with my teacher. At first, I couldn’t do any writing, and now I can. Amelie

I love school because I get to be with my teachers. Lara

I will miss Mrs. Wishart and Georgy, they have taught me maths, reading and writing this year. Charlie

I have got really clever at writing this year. Shreya

I like school because I get to be with my friends and teachers, and I love learning about maths. Billie

I love being at school because I get to see my friends. Maya

I am going to miss Foundation because Mrs. Wishart and Georgy are always there to help me. Harper

I love school because I get to play with my friends. Ned

I love school because I have very good teachers and I get to do lots of maths and reading. Jack B

I have loved Foundation because my teachers teach me fun games and make me happy. Noah

This year I have got really good at maths and writing. When I first started Foundation I couldn’t even write words. I can write cards and letters and stories now. Charlotte

I will miss Foundation. My teachers have taught me all the letters of the alphabet this year. Brandon

I have gotten really clever at reading and that’s all thanks to my lovely teachers. Anu

I really like my classroom because it is fun. When I first started in Foundation, I wasn’t good at writing but now I am. Billy

I love school because I can play with my friends. Sid

I have loved learning the sounds and spelling games at school this year in Foundation. Theo

This year I have got better at spelling. I feel good about school now. Michael

Thank you so much for being so supportive this year. I wish you all a relaxing, safe break and look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Kind regards,

Foundation Classroom Teacher