Foundation Update

The first year of Primary school is a critical year of growth and change. While this year hasn't gone to plan, the Foundation students have so much to celebrate. They have grown academically and socially and developed resilience and flexibility to become an asset as they continue their school journey.

This year, I asked the children to reflect on their growth since beginning school for our final class news. I hope that you enjoy reading their reflections and take some time to celebrate this year with your child.

"When I first came to school, I couldn't even write. Now I can write pretty big words, and it makes me feel proud of myself."

"I loved learning how to read this year."

"I love school because I get to play with all of my friends and my teachers."

"I didn't know how to spell 'I love you, Mrs. Wishart,' but now I do."
Bella C 

"I've got better at reading and writing, making new friends this year. I was a bit nervous at first but now feel way better."

"What I love about school is that it teaches me good maths."
Bella H 

"I liked writing this year. Now I can write real words and people can even read them."

"I've got good at listening to stories and playing with my friends this year. I love that there are lots of things to play with in our classroom."

"I learned how to write stories in Foundation."

"I've got really good at drawing things like monsters, planets and people this year."

"I didn't know which letter was which at the start of Foundation and now I know them all and it's easy."
William M 

"When I first started school I didn't know how to do monkey bars but now I do."

"The most important thing I've learned this year is reading and making rhyming words."

"Now I can write letters and I love Mrs Wishart and Georgy."

"When I came to school on the first day it was a little bit scary but now our classroom feels my home. I love going to the Creek too."
William S 

"I loved making new friends this year."

"At the start of school, I didn't know how to read and write but now I do. I can write cards and grown-ups can read them."

We are looking forward to a wonderful, busy last month together.

Foundation Class teacher