Hi teachers, students, and parents, I am a Year 10 student, and when I found Freerice on the United Nation’s Instagram, I thought it looked like an easy, free, and fun way to help people devastated by hunger.

A quick summary of Freerice: A UN organised quiz website where you answer questions from various categories (e.g., World Flags, Climate Change, English Literature, etc.), and each you get correct donates 5 grams of rice to the World Food Program, therefore feeding a person in need.

How does this work? Every time an answer is correct, an advertisement on your side screen will appear; the cash equivalent of 5 grains of rice is donated by the companies advertising. Keep in mind that Freerice has banned any inappropriate industries and advertisements, keeping it family-friendly.

I wanted to bring Freerice to a broader audience to make a more significant impact, so I emailed my Homestead 1 teachers to suggest a group session (even if it’s only for Morning Meeting). I didn’t expect the idea to leave the ground; fortunately, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Donaldson, Mr. Adams, and the Homestead Coordinators helped set up a Freerice competition for all 6 Homesteads.

I hope it allowed students to take a break from the otherwise structured school day while positively contributing to the global hunger crisis. So far, the Woodleigh School group has donated over 250,000 grains of rice with 165 people participating, and now I’m encouraging you (and your family/friends) to help.


We hope to donate one million grains of rice by the end of the year! To help us reach our goal, reach a hand to a computer mouse, and make a quick account, 10 minutes of questions is needed to create an actual impact on the issue. If you want to add to the Woodleigh group’s global ranking and contribution score, go to ‘Groups’ on the main menu and then under the Groups item they go to Enter Group Code, our group code is LZL73G3P. The group code will link your rice ‘count’ to the school total.

With lockdown in motion and the fact you can contribute from the comfort of your couch, I think everyone should have a go!

Thank you, 

Alexandra M Y10