From the Art Studio

At the start of Term 1, students from across the school have been learning about Australian Flora and Fauna in the Art Room. With the experience of the summer bushfires, many discussions took place about the beauty of our environments and how it is helpful to express ourselves in an artistic way during these challenging times. Using different materials and artistic styles, the children were able to express their art with creativity and imagination.

Specifically, Year 3 students were inspired by Australian street artist and freelance illustrator Mulga (Joel Moore) who uses Australian animals in his artwork. He is known for his uniquely Australian creations and signature style of intricate line work and bright colours. Mulga’s artistic creations grace walls and objects across the world. The students viewed Mulga’s artwork and then created their art piece using ink and markers to make bold exciting colours and lines.

I wish all students and parents a safe, healthy and calm break. Relax, draw, paint and create!

Art Teacher